1. So the US doesn't use democracy at all huh. Very funny.

  2. You will never do away with the profit motive, it is intrinsic to human nature. Everything humans do is motivated by the desire to either gain something or prevent loss. Profit can exist both in monetary terms and non-monetary.

  3. Upon reaching communism, the profit motive, in the material world, will disappear, because in a communist society, all wants and needs, of every person, get fulfilled.

  4. I mean in that case you also have to look at the massive infrastructure and population damage the USSR faced after WWII and then was still able to make some pretty impressive advancements despite those setbacks and with way fewer resources.

  5. Because they inherited a backwards feudal economy that had a lot of room to grow.

  6. Feudal economy is worse than industrialized socialism, sure. But socialism is still worse than capitalism economically.

  7. NATO/ West is not at fault for the invasion, of course.

  8. No. No coercion is involved. Neither force nor fraud. No theft.

  9. The end result will inevitably be what China is today, where politics has a government agent overseeing every company and they are little more than extensions of the State. That's what the left wants and the right is unable to stop them. Just requires enough time.

  10. Whatever the question, the answer cannot be "Therefore give Putin everything he wants" because that would put the entire world under a dictator.

  11. I'll never forget when Arthur kills the guy with tuberculosis and gets the disease that ultimately kills him. He was the guy they scammed with a loan.

  12. What is so bad about about an army of predatory clones that sting their prey with neurotoxic venom and fly them back to their nest to be fed, paralyzed but still living, to the immature grub forms of the next generation of clones?

  13. I see stockpiling weapons as likely, but "mutual defense alliance" is unlikely.

  14. The game has so much potential tbh. It’s a shame they abandoned it and focused on other shittier games.

  15. It's one of the most mishandled development cycles of any game ever made. 7 years and they only did 18 months of development and thought the Bioware crunch magic that had always worked before would pull off another miracle.

  16. Didn’t they also not actually know what the name of the game would be until right before the demo?

  17. Yeah, the devs had not been given direction of several key gameplay elements like how flight worked. They saw the E3 video for the first time at the conference. And the name was announced that day, even to the dev team.

  18. Be careful about mercury levels. 5x a week is a lot.

  19. Teach him to dunk, then we'll be impressed.

  20. anyone thinking what im thinking? micro jdam guidance kits for common grenades

  21. Forget Abrams they need hundreds more of these fuckers. 3 AT charges on one drone? Impressive

  22. How about a tank that fires drones. It worked for the Navy. Land-based drone carriers. Mother ships perhaps.

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