/u/spez, CEO of Reddit, decides to ruin the site

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  1. Who the fuck gave that asshat spez gold? They literally just gave him a tip for being shitty.

  2. Beauty pageant moms are the OG groomers. Literally grooming their daughters.

  3. Yep. Screw this "I want all uniques for my character with 0% work"

  4. Technically, he's correct. The API isn't going anywhere, it's just being modified. It's not like it's disappearing.

  5. I'm not on her side, but I do want to see the actual rules the flight attendant is referring to. Like how do they read?

  6. It's not only the church. Happens in public education at a much higher number, but for whatever reason it's not reported on as much as cases involving the church.

  7. “He Gets Us” content has been peppering TV screens, billboards and social media feeds since a national launch in 2022. The campaign is funded by the Servant Foundation, which does business as The Signatry. It's a “donor-advised” 501(c)3 nonprofit that is not required to disclose who its donors are. However, it does have to file an IRS Form 990 which lists the organizations it financially supports. (Google)

  8. Mind linking to that list of orgs it supports?

  9. Dug through their Form 990 from FY2020. They give to a lot of churches, ministries, and international Christian organizations.

  10. 24 / 48 hours isn't going to make Reddit budge. They anticipated some pushback, and at the end of the Going Dark they'll be back to making money again from ads and awards.

  11. This post was removed. I've asked the mods why. No reply yet. Guess it doesn't fit the narrative.

  12. Does no one remember the 80's Hondas and Toyotas that could be started with a flathead screwdriver?

  13. Read the part where Spez lied and the Apollo dev came with receipts.

  14. After reading that it's pretty clear this Going Dark for 2 days next week isn't going to make Reddit change it's mind.

  15. So members of "vulnerable groups" can just murder people and the public shouldn't know about it because it might put other members of the group at risk?

  16. Thank God D4 is out right now, at least their servers are surviving. Also, please tell me why games like Diablo, Assassins creed, and Hogwarts lets you transmog clothing and weapons without any issue and without limits, but destiny restricts you to what? 10 per season?

  17. 2011 tumblr called they want their bigotry back

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