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  1. Just say it back to her? If she says your a 5 and she’s a 10 say something like “maybe if you wore something better” etc.

  2. I’ve been a greatsword main since I first played on ps2.

  3. Maybe you haven’t read the manga but he’s not getting a redemption arc.

  4. Well so many others think otherwise apparently. There’s a reason I made this post. I’ve seen dozens of people say Frieza is becoming a better guy

  5. He got revived, fought in the tournament to gain his life back.

  6. From my experience, it isn’t reliable. I started packing HOD, then started as an “apprentice” I put the “” because it wasn’t union and then after 6 months I was laid off and haven’t been able to get it back.

  7. Introduce myself then ask him “You listen to metal?” If he says yes then I’ll show him my current song projects.

  8. Is there an uncursed version of semen cakes?

  9. You just show that magikarp a little love and you'll have one of the most kick-ass pokemon in the franchise

  10. I always evolve that magikarp before I reach misty in red/blue haha

  11. Shrine of amana is pretty good for farming twinklings if you have a half decent ranged weapon.

  12. Make it to the second bonfire, then you can kill the dumb spore bugs 12 times so they stop respawning, then Put on soul farming and item dropping gear. Then you can just shoot one arrow to draw the enemies over. And the rest kill with ranges or just run and get them. You’re close enough that there’s not much risk.

  13. Why nut into a sock when tissues are a thing? Like… the thought of using a sock sounds so weird to me.

  14. I think this was literally put in so they could show him being a cop. Also this isn’t just a bee, it’s made by the guy who makes androids that rival the gods apparently.

  15. Communication with your partner/other participant in the sex.

  16. If by bitches you mean rubs his tail looking at himself in a mirror, then yeah. He gets bitches.

  17. If I have it, the desert pyromancer lady gear.

  18. Ok nevermind, I figured it out. In Slicex every sound section has an out option and you can assign each sound to individual tracks in the mixer by dialing in there.

  19. Could I use that if I’m running ezdrummer? For example? To get more in depth mixing?

  20. I know how to do it in ezdrummer and superior drummer 3 they are really simple to do but put in words makes it sound complicated. If you just go on youtube ans watch tutorials about it it will be way easier for you.

  21. Ok thank you, I’ve just had to mix the whole kit, or just basically export one hit of the snare or whatever I wanted to mix and then import it back into FL as a wave file and just mix it that way but it’s tedious haha

  22. The first time I did the no bonfire run, I skipped the credits :)

  23. On one of my first no death runs I turned left a bit too early and fell before entering the demon of song fight. Such a bummer.

  24. Oooof that’s late in the game. I’d be so annoyed.

  25. I did a melee build using that sword. In my left hand and the bone fist in my right hand. It was sick. It’s my Favorite weapon duo.

  26. Greatsword, like I would do the rest of the game Lmao

  27. That’s what I wear for the most part, so I’d say it’s mighty drippy haha

  28. You can farm the medals for the champion covenant and use the fist ring and just pinch people to death.

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