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  1. I usually say, “I want to do something, I know I need to do it, but I can’t. I will just suffer until my brain lets me do the thing.”

  2. For me, I’d have to live a minimalist life style so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed cleaning.

  3. We had our old chihuahuas teeth removed and she was basically a puppy after. So happy, I’ve never seen her that way. She’s 14 now, this was a couple years ago.

  4. I tried concerta recently, it did nothing for me. Then they upped the dose, same thing. Nothing. Maybe worse anxiety?

  5. Apparently it’s Moan, that’s what I’ve heard at least.

  6. The sound the dude made when he hit ground 😂

  7. He’s obviously insecure, or there’s something else going on.

  8. I would never have to worry about money again. That’s for sure.

  9. Idk, as a guy, this scenario would only happen if I was with the person my friends were talking me up about.

  10. Not an event quest, but the title update with new monsters in Master Rank and in anomaly investigations. Or maybe just anomaly quests and investigations.

  11. Ok cool, I checked out the new update, just wanted didn’t check event quests.

  12. It’s all in the same screen though isn’t it? You select your equipment load out, then R/L then it’s layered loadouts. One button.

  13. Around 5pm on the west coast, or 2 1/2 hours from now.

  14. I like big forks, big spoons. I’ll use whatever though.

  15. I saw the first one and said “that’s a sick looking rathalos.” Lol

  16. Seriously, how many people can really afford to drop over $1k on a phone? I just don't get it. Where is everyone getting the $$$. The economy seems to be just crushing everyone I know.

  17. I’ve only been able to get them through payments plans with Verizon. No down payment or anything.

  18. I’ve seen similar green wire along side a house entry way, it was under a bunch of ivy, so I’m going with what you said, if not flowers, some sort of plant.

  19. I thought people did it to prove it’s their stuff. I’ve seen it on all sorts of random tools.

  20. I get this may be important for some, but I do construction and have added coworkers over befriended. I don’t in the slightest regret it haha

  21. Yes but only 1-2. There is an hr quest that gives out 10 vouchers. I'm assuming if a player wants to change the already layered weapon they will need to spend more tickets.

  22. There’s a quest that gives out 10 outfit + vouchers? Which one is it?

  23. I’ve used paver sand, I don’t know if it’s what the other commenter said. But when I pulled up one of the brick I cleaned it off with my hand, no tools necessary.

  24. I have this basically same set up as my top floor, but finished. Looks like the previous owner laid down some carpet, put up drywall, and added two access doors to either side, threw in some electrical outlets and called it good.

  25. I am the exact same way. It sucked in school when I didn’t finish an assignment but wouldn’t turn it in because it wasn’t complete

  26. I want to support them in any way possible. Without the dlcs I’ve bought, and layered armor, the game is awesome and every new release is better than the last in some way.

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