People who are pro-gun, why?

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. The courts would disagree with you on your take on the Bundy ranch and Ruby Ridge. Both were vindicated in a court of law(due process and democracy and such). Also, i didn't forget George Floyd he just wasn't killed with a gun. Im glad you can chalk all the governments over reach up to individual racism and stay blind to the systemic racism inherent in this system that you are going to improve from within. I find it hard to believe that you will succeed where people like Dr. King (who was absolutely assasinated by the CIA (again proven in court by his family)) failed. I have no illusion as to how it will end for me, but i would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. May your chains rest lightly upon you my brother. I hope one day you will open your eyes, or you may end up like the docile citizens of Nazi Germany saying, "We didnt know?! What could we do?"

  2. I don't see how more people not paying taxes yet using the roads somehow improves roads.

  3. You ever worked a road crew? Mexicans make the best roads. They're like the Italians of North America.

  4. Now your right about that. I see hella Mexicans and other types of Mexicans like Hondurans and El Salvadorans building roads all the time around here.

  5. I love the show. I love how they treat the viewers. Every fuck you or wierd choice just makes it that much funnier to me.

  6. That’s good to hear, especially after what I did to my ar

  7. It working but I basically didn’t have the “proper tools” setting it up so it has some idiot marks from me, nothing to serious

  8. Oh bro all my non milsurp guns are scratched to shit. Most of my rifles are tools and i use em pretty rough.

  9. Or maybe it's growing up without a damn toothbrush due to an abusive parent that really got the ball rolling and now I've got a bunch of fillings to maintain so I don't end up with dentures at 50.

  10. Omg dude calm down. How would i know your very specific scenario that doesnt apply to 99% of people

  11. Not really… price gouged here in the states. I’ll take a WBP or Beryl over Arsenal any day.

  12. My Grandpa used to always say, "I was there at Okinawa!" And my mom would always add, "in 1950 Ed."

  13. That sounds just like Shane. You just gotta say it in a sarcastic voice.

  14. Literally the best post I've seen all year. Need that m45a1

  15. Gorgeous, my friend. I want an underfolder so bad. How's the cheek weld?

  16. Looks like our resident pedantic Italian has already done a great analysis of your rifle's markings. I just recently added a 91/24 as well, also from MIDA. Looks like you snagged a good one, hopefully it shoots alright. A lot of the issues people attribute to all Carcanos originate with these cut-down long rifle conversions.

  17. Progressive rifling and cutting almost half of the barrel off tends to lead to keyholing.

  18. Right, that’s good man, for you. Not sure you’re understanding what I’m saying here.

  19. Yeah, i love this dude who just listed his wifes age and height as if she's cattle

  20. Well hell man, move to Texas with me!

  21. We need more CZ bros here in Texas anyway. If one more boomer tries to tell me about his Kimber...

  22. I love all the P01 and SP01 posts lately. I may have to post my beat up green P01

  23. Fr. I hope she doesn’t miss those six shots otherwise….yeah she’s Swiss cheese then. Should have bought he a real gun. Oh well

  24. KP-15 with a Del-Ton chromelined lightweight 20” upper topped with a Vortex Spitfire 3x

  25. I did a double take. This is my exact loadout. I have a DPMS 16" upper on my KP-15 lower and a green P01 without those gorgeous grips, but damn close.

  26. Oh my. The green one is gorgeous!

  27. You are a hero sir. The P01 has ruined me for all other handguns. Im workin on acquiring an SP01

  28. The baathist party was in power in Iraq and is still in power in Syria. I'm from Syria.

  29. This is what i came to say. I have a glock 29, and it's wild on semi auto. Can't imagine it with a switch

  30. I really want an SLR104 or a Bulgarian Parts Kit. But can’t find any for a decent price. I’ll find one, just gotta be patient. Just gonna grab a couple more mags and stack some ammo.

  31. My little brother got a Century ND-2 74 just a few years ago for like $700 on deals can be found. I bought my Tantal for $470 in 2018.

  32. OP didn’t get a bad deal, but I just picked up a used 20 Gen 4 for $500. Had like 100 rounds through it. Used is the key

  33. I got a used 29 in Dallas for $414 after tax just last month. Keyword used

  34. You think the owners of all 400 million firearms would not comply with new regulations in order to stay in good graces with the state militas? I expect the majority of them are patriotic enough to step up. Your opinion of them must be lower than mine. Also, each state would set their own rules, and I suspect a number of them would be more lenient, especially in a transition period, so not all owners would be impacted the same way.

  35. You must not know very many gun owners. Compliance is not in our nature. If some states are more lenient whats stopping the trafficking of guns from one state to the next.

  36. The women under the new Roe ruling beg to differ. Voting matters, and Republicans win because only young fools think voting doesn't matter.

  37. The supreme court wasnt elected. Blame RBG or the other justices, but it wasnt the voters

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