Me preparing to discuss the Super Bowl at work tomorrow

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  1. The people at the table next to me at IHOP asking me to use headphones.

  2. Joe President is classier than I am. I would tell Mitch McConnell that he's a piece of shit.

  3. I would’ve said “Emperor Palpatine of Kentu… shoot I mean Mitch McConnell of Kentucky”

  4. You're the one that posted a response to my comment trying to shuffle blame around. I was basically saying he wasn't acknowledging what caused inflation. Then you danced around blame to inevitably circle back to agreeing with me. Look inward, stop projecting because you live in Florida and hate DeSantis.

  5. Your original comment was on a SOTU thread by Joe Biden, implying Joe Biden, is at fault for inflation. The context is obvious to anyone not acting in bad faith. You don’t have to loop through your NPC dialog tree of psychological terms you ironically suffer from but do not know the definition of.

  6. I’ve purchased 3 laptops from them and get a new one every 2-3 years..Must be nice

  7. Get pulled over with her on your lap and keep us posted with the findings of your research

  8. Republicans: Bahhhhh!! Helping people bad! Jesus! Family values!

  9. When you hear that statement that’s when you know the brain worms are beginning to run out of food

  10. Holding the space bar down and dragging your finger along it allows you to place the cursor precisely where you want in any textfield.

  11. Over 24k people liked this tweet? I remember my teachers used to tell me “the job market is fierce, there’s a lot of extremely intelligent people you’ll have to compete with..”. LOL I think I’m safe.

  12. Florida has helped me get rid of all that unnecessary clutter in my checking account. Thanks Florida!

  13. I wrote Halo Infinite on my Samsung Smart Fridge and it turned out fine

  14. I’m in Tampa and I’m convinced Spectrum internet being my only option for internet service is some divine punishment for the evils I performed in a past life.

  15. First, eat a pub sub for each meal. Next, remove all the turning signals from your vehicle and drive in the left lane doing the speed limit. Third, every time someone mentions Chick-Fil-A you must become emotionally invested in defending how their chicken is the second coming of Christ and is better than any Michelin starred restaurants. Fourth, complain about tourists even though our entire economy is dependent on tourism and hospitality industries. Fifth….profit.

  16. Man, so many missed opportunities with the acronyms… South Hillsborough Area Regional Transit

  17. Find land, populate it, form a government, commission a monetary authority, profit

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