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  1. You already know why that's my first thought. 😂😂 Disney's been screwing up way before they even bought star wars

  2. It should be before the Originals as well but it comes after them, he literally gets the Millennium Falcon off Lando. So weird!?

  3. Contingent on UFC getting bigger and bigger yeah and sports cards remaining popular

  4. I'm starting a YouTube channel focused around collecting/stacking silver/unboxing & collecting UFC cards. Is that something that would interest you?

  5. LMK your YouTube. Would love to check it out

  6. Will do, working on the content should be ready to drop the first video in a few weeks

  7. You put your headphones in? How about instead of asking your daddy, grow your own backbone and go and tell this Uncle to stop his abuse as its not right

  8. Coronation related searches leading people to coins?

  9. I can’t see them being tolerated for much longer now that Elizabeth has passed, newer generations aren’t going to feel the way older generations did. Maybe the love for them may fade away completely, it’s definitely been heading that way recently!

  10. if your coin isnt on this list, it is most likely face value though still feel free to ask if your coin isnt here. errors can get confusing for non collectors, feel free to reply to this comment if you would me to elaborate on any of these errors.

  11. I smoked one with my brother before and he still breathing, I smoked atleast 100 fake carts in the past

  12. Yeah I smoked a page out the bible when I was a kid, still breathing, doesn't make it a good idea. Now with the benefit of hindsight I can see how stupid I was doing stuff like that, my lungs sound terrible thanks to stuff like that.

  13. Fake carts aren’t dangerous? Do you know the amount of pesticides and metals are in them? But yea I just finished smoking the warning paper and it wasn’t too bad, wouldn’t do it again.

  14. No, what pesticides and metals are in Ccell Carts and cat 3 distillate? Please tell me

  15. Hmmm maybe, if normal weed didn't help I doubt it will. I get anxious, weed has rarely helped it haha

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