1. Great, cite another well known lying grifter to support your point. lol Are you next gonna offer to sell us some quantum computers too?

  2. Today I learned Greg Maxwell thinks Vitalik is a “lying grifter”

  3. You weren't there for the mass reporting of sex workers to the IRS then. Pepper Ridge Farm remembers. Lot of self-proclaimed ancaps involved.

  4. Anyone turning in sex workers to the IRS isn’t an AnCap.

  5. Censorship and propaganda can influence computers too

  6. Around 2.6k qubits, most cryptocurrencies use elliptic curve cryptography (e.g. ECDSA) for the public-private key signatures.

  7. So maybe IBM is just a few more years away from having this…. Wow!

  8. I think there is an issue with reusing addresses and the signature for transactions leaking private keys.

  9. Too bad this good news for BCH is just being overshadowed by the FTX drama.

  10. Depending on the wallet, installing the same app on the same phone, it might still be there.

  11. Maybe he can restore the entire phone from an iCloud backup from a time when he did have the wallet.

  12. Because politicians know how to design computer hardware better than computer hardware companies?

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