1. I have many a time convinced myself that eating entire ciabatta breads was necessary to carb re-feed 😆

  2. It would have bacon, eggs, sausage, beans and black pudding if it were a traditional full English.

  3. Do people in rural/suburban Britain eat like this daily? - serious question

  4. Not daily but the full English is our traditional breakfast, I eat this on a bulk but with duck eggs and black pudding 😍

  5. Sabroxy and ALCAR should be considerations for focus, energy support. I combine these during the week and before harder workouts.

  6. Shout out to my warehouse team, who busted ass to get through the insane amount of orders that flooded in! If you could see how many orders came in yesterday, you would realize just how nuts it is that we keep our response times what they are. We had people from all departments picking and packing orders to get them out. It's a big operation, and I am proud of how my team comes together to keep things moving!

  7. Cissus quadrangularis can speed up connective tissue healing. I don’t know if ND ever plans to bring it to market, but I’d be first in line if they did. Using Primaforce for now.

  8. Primaforce Cissus - good shout - I use this and despite reservations due to absence of research think it is one of the most effective compounds I’ve taken.

  9. I would start any and all workouts with anything tricep related. Don’t save them for last or middle bc you won’t really be able to achieve a high RPE, especially after a Metcon. Any lagging body part I want to focus on, it it’s the first thing I do in my session. All the workouts you name are perfectly fine as you can load them pretty well, most bang for your buck. This is just what I do and it hasn’t dissapointed me. Also make sure you are eating enough to support muscle growth.

  10. Yep def a good idea to do that. Working around injuries is always hard, but it’s necessary. If you can’t go heavy, you can use tempo work and slow down the movement to make the weight feel heavier. I am a big believer in tempo work. It gets very humbling.

  11. Agreed, these injuries can be incredibly humbling and do have value long term.

  12. Sabroxy is a mild DRI or at least Oroxylin A it’s main bioactive appears to be so would be wary of combining with ADHD meds - good stuff though.

  13. Cannabis works too well for me at increasing my appetite

  14. Comes in very handy when you want to bulk up, not so handy when you don’t.

  15. I find that a combination of our saffron at 60 mg, a 0.5 mL dose coriander liquid extract and 200 mg of our maca extract makes me incredibly social, so that could help!

  16. I can relate to this so much and although I feel the need to socialise it’s a struggle with so many friends being into the above - can’t seem to hack it anymore since I’ve stopped.

  17. Looks to be a collection of supplements that are helpful on paper but are probably bunk shit.

  18. Like the sound of this combo. Had them both on their own with beans but not together.

  19. You can mix them together in a frying pan to create a super rich sauce for a cassoulet, it’s immense 😅

  20. Goes well with Sabroxy, Caffeine, Cordyceps in my experience, really attenuates dopaminergic affects and the ALCAR speeds up acetylcholine transmittion.

  21. I’d suggest taking it sometime after exercise as it’s antioxidant affects could blunt adaption.

  22. Thank you, what's your thoughts on collagen peptides if you tried them? My UC-II is arriving tomorrow and I was thinking on buying some peptides type I & III as well.

  23. Am based in the UK and find this one to be good quality for the price on Amazon:

  24. Just wanted to say, thanks so much for this! I'm browsing through the sub looking for help on the joint pain that's stopping me getting the benefits of exercise, and one of the items on my todo list was "find a good bone broth". You've just solved that problem for me. Much appreciated!

  25. No problem man. It was a massive issue for me and it’s not something that provides an acute affect per say but over time can be really beneficial.

  26. I wanna get myself some modafinil but it’s hard to find a trustworthy source in the UK.

  27. I think we underestimated just how good the coriander is for sleep. One of my colleagues (who designs all of our labels!), says this is one of his absolute favorites and helps him sleep better than anything he has ever tried. Now we are seeing similar reports pop up on reddit, so that's really cool!

  28. It's been one of our favorites for a while now, we've been taking it for the last year somewhat regularly! It's very relaxing and a little muscle relaxing, a really nice overall effects profile. I also find it goes very well with compounds that hit the cannabinoid system. Excited to hear your response to it!

  29. Nice, look forward to stacking Coriander with Apigenin of an evening for a relaxing end to those long work days.

  30. Very well. I have combined it many times. I have combined it with all of those and more. It really goes well with a lot of things. Pair it with stimulating things for a nice rounded functional daily experience. Pair it with sedating things to get good sleep.

  31. These are my mainstays, a number have been for the last year or so and can promote positive adaption if you are providing your body with the other pre requisites.

  32. You're running basically what I'm running as well and I love it. I haven't added in the Beta-alanine yet, where do you get yours? I also run Beta-Ecdysterone, Epicatechin, and Agmatine. I don't take the Shilajit or HGW. The HGW gave me high estrogen pretty bad. Otherwise we are basically running the same stack and I can agree it's solid.

  33. Yeah dude I recall from our previous chat that we’d had success running very similar stacks.

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