1. Well he's either going to kill someone, or lose someone because he avoided violence. One of those things has to happen for the story to have gravitas and catharsis when he inevitably wins and proves his pacifism ideology as the right way to go.

  2. Yeah I agree with you on these points. If none of these things happen and Thorfinn's ideologies aren't contested like this, then it will be a pretty bad end (though that seems extremely unlikely).

  3. This sub has a bad habit of thinking that everyone that doesnt think vinland saga is a masterpiece must be a shounen junkie who only wants violence and action and is pissed the manga isnt giving them that. While these people certainly exist, the fact remains that the storytelling never really matched farmland saga in the other arcs, and it's not even close.

  4. Dude it wasnt the actual ghost of her master stopping it her, it was a visual representation of the reasons she stopped herself. Neither her master nor her dad would've wanted her to do that. Personally I actually thought that was one of the most powerful images in the manga.

  5. I'm still not seeing the problem. The guy doesn't live in it, it's for his daughter.

  6. I gotta be honest I agree. Sure he agreed to live there but also I don't understand what the real practical problem with this is at all and why it needs to be taken down.

  7. Le fait que les riches ont réussi à nous distraire avec une guerre de culture à la place d'une guerre de classe, et qu'ils sont continuellement entrain de raptisser la classe moyenne pendant qu'ils sont plus riches que jamais est très triste. Si tu es concerné par les "wokes" ou par les gens trans (un pourcentage minime de la population) ça veux dire qu'ils gagnent et qu'ils sont entrain de faire plus d'argent pendant que tu es sûrement entrain d'en faire moins. Ne les laisse pas diviser la classe ouvrière, unissons nous pour combattre les vrais problèmes et injustices de la société, ceux qui sont courament entrain de voller ton argent, les ultra-riches.

  8. C'est la gauche qui a abandonné la "classe ouvrière" en ne parlant que des minorités ethnique, sexuelle, religieuse, etc.. Les quartiers ouvriers en France votent pour le FN.

  9. Des fois certaines personnes parlent un peu trop des minorités, mais ça ne veux pas dire que la gauche a "abandonné les salariés". L'idée de base de vouloir des syndicats et d'être critique du capitalisme et des grandes compagnies est une idée de gauche. Je ne considèrerais pas quelqu'un qui se soucit seulement de la justice sociale, sans ce soucier des problèmes économique quelqu'un qui est tant "de gauche" que ça.

  10. Ça dépend quel genre de sujet, si on parle de droit humain je ne vais sûrement pas respecté quelqu'un qui me contredit mais si on parle des ananas sur la pizza ça me dérange pas.

  11. Spot on dude, and when they’re standing on that cliff and vow to build Vinland together… holy crap is that gonna be a great scene.

  12. Personally I like that the shootout wasn't tense, because now we could really think about Joel's decision and the brutality of what he's doing while he's doing it. I feel like a more tense scene where non-game players don't know if he'll succeed or not would have put us in his shoes too much and made us root for him without completely thinking about what he's doing. Anyway that scene was also extremely beautifully shot. Cinematically one of the best scenes in the show for me.

  13. You're supposed to root for him dude. That's why it's so strong. The intention is by that by the end you would do what he does. It can be immoral and still be this.

  14. Well Bella Ramsey said the ending would be "controversial" so I think that's what they were going for and not have u necessarily root for him.

  15. I used to be racist and transphobic. I may never atone but I hope I can get others to change their ways as I have. Let go of your hate, as I did. Thorfinn is the greatest character I’ve ever seen in all of fiction. I’m a different person because of him.

  16. I wish you well on your journey, you're already better than the other racists and transphobes if you've been able to realize your mistakes, keep it up. Also I agree on Thorfinn being the best character ever.

  17. It makes me want to be a better person. I now always try to do things that either make me or other people happy. It also changed my stance on justice as a whole, I think almost everybody is capable of change and I think prison should try to be like a farmland arc for the convicts (make them realize their harm and be a better person, not be farming slaves lol). I don't completely agree with all of the themes of the manga (I don't think complete pacifism is a great option and I can't tell if Yukimura will make Thorfinn realize that or not, I hope he does.) but yeah Vinland Saga changed my mentality to a crazy extent, like no other piece of fiction ever has.

  18. What’s the point of this video? That the most boring parts of every game are less exciting than the most exciting part of the trailer? That’s not surprising or insightful. Rare Dunkey miss.

  19. Yeah I love Dunkey but he's not trying to beat the nitpicking allegations with this one

  20. To be fair, people are a little bit gatekeepy, it just seems that for a lot of people (like myself), this story deeply connects with them and so they want everyone to understand it and enjoy it with them.

  21. I’ve always been a fan of her casting but at this point I feel like she has silenced any doubters. It’s undeniable that she has been fantastic.

  22. I hate to be that guy but man Bella’s acting is seriously questionable, her delivery on some of her lines feel so forced and cringe I genuinely can’t take it seriously and it’s showing more than ever in this episode

  23. What? She is literally the best part of the show (aside from maybe the set design imo). Of course her lines are cringe, she's playing a 14 year old girl. Last episode when she was having a good time with her crush, idek if I've ever seen anyone so good at acting genuinely happy and gleefull like that. And she did a terrific job this episode during the fight with the preacher aswell.

  24. the civillians dying on screen was the first time for you and not, you know, the entire last half of this season?!? that signifies an incredibly low capability for empathy - you know that Eren is going to kill millions of women and children, but this only bothers you when it's literally rubbed in your face, and their bodies and blood fills the streets.

  25. Even after that destruction scene i STILL see people defending him, not even in an ironic way. It truly boggles my mind how so many people can think Eren is in the right, even after it is smeared in their face like this. Almost has me questioning my faith in humanity.

  26. Personally I think most of the people that fall into these pipelines are confused, but there's also a certain amount of them that are genuinely evil (and are the ones manipulating and attracting these confused people). But there also comes an age and maturity level where those confused people become indiscernible from the evil ones and if you haven't figured out by that time that your side is evil then you will have to fall with them.

  27. Egon’s greed seems to be overriding his integrity.

  28. It matters. People's choices in economic systems, government, and religious behaviors affects others.

  29. Sure economic systems matter but marxism is a good choice. I dont think it matters if you're a satanist though

  30. Well in your first comment I thought u were being critical of both marxism and satanism. So I defended marxism but I dont know enough about satanism to say anything about it. Are satanists the only people that believe in body autonomy? I was saying it doesnt matter if you're a satanist compared to non-religious.

  31. Well I dont remember but does Asa have regeneration? Cause if not then in my head everyone sees the scars all the time because she really did get cut there.

  32. Not that much of a movies guy here, would you mind elaborating?

  33. Was there a time jump in ep 6 or 7 i feel like thorfinn looks so much older and they haven’t really said anything about it am i not paying enough attention lol

  34. I mean I watch about 2 movies a month and I still believe what I said. It's probably my favorite animated film and it's one of my top 10 movies in general.

  35. Better than the Spider-Man animated one?

  36. A lotta people saying this was boring. Personally I've never played the games and I loved it. I know plot wise not that much happened but the acting, set design, lighting and direction was just so good I didn't really mind it. I actually ended up forgetting about Joel like halfway through. I can see how it can be hit or miss though, maybe it's depending on if you were successfully immersed or not.

  37. Bella Ramsey is such an incredible actor. Not often do people point out good acting when it comes to happy scenes, but her joy when she was having fun with her crush seemed so honest and it felt very relatable. And obviously the scenes at the end were phenomenal as well.

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