1. Utinni! Very nice, I'd love a dark side version!

  2. Also, while on the subject of horse tips, be sure to soothe your horse after each time you get on them (only after you start moving), and after they stop sprinting (from the use of a spur). These things while ensure the horse remains obedient and loyal to you.

  3. I also caught my first black stallion by feeding it apples before trying to tame it.

  4. I must be super cautious, because I havent died once. I tend to do one quick run of satchel collecting in the area I will be in, when I start up the game...but ignore them after that. Sorry guys!

  5. I hate it. I've only had my switch for about 2 weeks, and I want to just cut it off sooo badly...but I know it keeps dust out.

  6. All pokemon games on switch offers different experiences.

  7. Arceus seems to be the one recommended most, so ill probably get that one. Thanks!

  8. Legends Arceus is arguably the best Pokémon game in over a decade. The mechanics are slightly different to the usual games but its for the better. Catching Pokémon feels fun and authentic and that’s what Pocket Monsters should be about. I could not recommend it enough. I don’t want the glitchy mess that’s Scarlet and Violet to be your first game if you’re trying to get into the series

  9. Would you recommend arceus for someone new to the series? My daughter said I HAVE to get at least one pokemon game for my switch.

  10. I’d say yes if they are big fans of BotW since they share some qualities.

  11. Well, it's for me...and this is where I show my age...the last Zelda game I played was Link to the Past, however I've seen my roommate play BotW and it looks like I could get into it. Thanks.

  12. yeah honestly I tried to get into MTG over the last couple months and enjoy playing it but the deckbuilding is so daunting. It feels paralyzing to try and build a deck knowing that even in standard there's over 1000 cards to choose from.

  13. That's why I only ever played standard...less cards to remember. Plus some of the annoying cards (at least to me) rotated out. However...I just moved to a new city, and the LGS only runs commander and modern. So now I have to REALLY go through my older cards to see what I have.

  14. If you like the vampire play style, there is a red/black vampire deck that came out recently. It’s widely regarded as one of the lower power precons of recent years, but you could probably upgrade it to an Anje deck if you really like the theme.

  15. Awesome dude! I'll check those out. Thanks again.

  16. I didn’t see your update. If you like janky artifact decks,

  17. So I went to my current LGS and picked up Vampiric Bloodline because vampires, and Urza's Iron Alliance. When I asked them what artifact decks he had, he suggested Iron because he knows how I build and play. And since I've purchased and opened almost all my current card there he also knows roughly what I'd be able to upgrade with.

  18. What?! Really? Why am I only learning this now?

  19. Compressed air should pop it out of there.

  20. My boss called the mandatory government issued minimum wage increase, a raise...and complained about it. He also told me that all I want is a handout, when I asked for a living wage.

  21. The is only one "The Moon". No one will ever confuse it.

  22. How did you get the other 4.6M sats? It's not all from shaking right?

  23. 4.04 mil sats from shaking. 1.15 mil from the card. It looks like shakepaid sats are not in the top number.

  24. I'm moving in about a month from now. I just took them apart and put them in ziplock freezer bags. I don't understand why people try to move them intact. Please explain.

  25. I have never saved my boxes...they take up soooo much room. Instructions are all in a tote to keep dust off them. When I get a new set and have to rotate some off my shelves, they get taken apart and put in a ziplock freezer bag, with the set name and number on the bag.

  26. I’ve actually had games where I knew the opponent had the winning move, and I say “Good game”, and then they conceded giving me the victory. I don’t know if they actually knew they had the winning move. It was like an accidental Uno reverse haha

  27. And here I am, stuck in a minimum wage job, no benefits, vacation pay isn't banked, and the boss refuses to pay more...he called me a cancer (for discussing the lack of a livable wage) and said all I wanted was a handout. He also said that its not his fault that I'm struggling, maybe I should get rid of my car, internet, phone and cat...yes he told me to get rid of my cat.

  28. They had a better bus? At least in my experience. Lol

  29. If average rent for a 1 bed is $1500 now, and that is currently unaffordable for someone making $15.5/hr, guess what average rent becomes when min wage is $30/hr. Rent will rise, and again be out of reach. The problem is that there’s too many people and not enough housing.

  30. What about a smaller city, say like North Bay? Nowhere near the level that Toronto is, but I've been looking for a 1 bedroom, and there is nothing for less than $1400/month. Hell, I think I seen someone renting out a room with shared accommodations for $950. Absolutely ridiculous imo.

  31. Honestly I have no idea about North Bay. Has there been good housing development there over the last 5-10 years? What’s commuting like there? Prevalence of investment properties?

  32. Noth Bay only has a pop of about 52k, so I'd say its a tiny city. I had asked some friends that live there currently about the price jump. Apparently during the pandemic, a bunch of GTA investors bought up a bunch of properties and charged GTA prices, leading to local landlords thinking those should be the going rates. Pure greed as far as I'm concerned.

  33. I have no life so doing AI fills the void. Before AI, I was addicted to another video game. And I find it interesting that a lot of people refer to AI image creation in terms of “playing”

  34. I realized today that I haven't played a video game in at least two weeks. And I have to say, I'm kinda liking my time with SD more than playing a game. Another good thing, I might not spend so much money on new games...the flip-side, I'm really tempted to start looking at better hardware, thus spending WAY more money.

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