I went TSLA all in

When you come across a feel-good thing.

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

  1. Keep Pepsi imo and ima explain why… the Pepsi is harder to get. And in case you get cold feet and wanna get the Batman back, it’s slightly easier and almost msrp +tax if you go grey. Recently bought one at 14k grey

  2. I was very lucky to get this batman for just a few hundred over 13k. Congrats on your batman and wear in good health

  3. Did they not already pre release and tank 20%? Lol

  4. Hold and sell covered calls weekly and you’ll hopefully even back out in 1-2 years

  5. This doesn’t make any sense. You should have been backdated to your date of separation.

  6. Hey for your sleep apnea do you have any idea why you were denied? My timeline is the same as yours. Separated December 2021, sleep study May 2022 and diagnosed with it. Kinda thought it'd be an easy connect but yours has me nervous.

  7. Is this your first rating for migraines?

  8. HLR it then. Should definitely go back

  9. PFN means the claim is done and they are getting the paperwork ready to be mailed. Check your disability list to see if those are showing as secondaries to the primary you filed them under.

  10. If you got a bonus, it was tied to a time commitment. If you didn't make the time, you have to pay it back. Did you get a bonus of any kind?

  11. Correct on the spot. Normally those bonuses are tied to time commitment that isn’t exactly brought to attention. Seen it happen over and over

  12. GOOD LUCK 🍀 I literally placed mine a day before you, may 11th. Still in PFD hopefully PDA this week

  13. What are you claiming sleep apnea secondary to?

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