1. Got my post deleted cause I probably should have posted it here. Read at your own peril lol

  2. Don’t knock your voice — it’s really nice, full, and deep, like dark chocolate. You just need more practice and confidence in it. Right now, I can tell that you don’t really trust it. Start listening more to singers, particularly those in your register. Work on annunciating more clearly. Get some vocal lessons if you can afford it. Trawl YouTube for tips if you can’t. Practice vibrato. Sing in the shower. All the things you have neglected because, well, you are not a singer.

  3. Thank you, indeed I do not trust my voice, as it's kinda new to me but I'm trying

  4. Okay, first impression: The snare drum in the verse is a little too loud for my taste (before 0:59), in the"chorus" starting at 0:59 a snare drum like this would be okay. So maybe use another snare sound for the verse. But hey, where was the chorus at 0:59? I would definitely put something in there. Think of a short catchy phrase that you could sing there over the empty instrumental part (and which could be repeated at the next chorus part) and find a melody which fits, which should be higher than the melody which is sung in the verse, then you have a real chorus, otherwise there would be no real "hook" in the song. And the entire song could be one or two half steps higher because your voice is already at the limit downwards. I know you have all the beautiful open Guitar chords Em G C Am, but maybe when you use a Guitar fret the sound would still be okay. The lyrics so far are good for my taste, just that they are difficult to understand sometimes because the voice is so low in the current version. This was just according to my personal taste, others might think differently.

  5. thank you for the detailed comment. I'm 99% sure the snare is the same in the verse and chorus. I reuploaded the song to the link in the post after making some changes if you wanna take a look and let me know your thoughts :)

  6. Once you have a ticket if you call AA they can see if it's refundable or not

  7. Sounds kinda random I mean I need a refundable ticket there must be a way for people to know what kind of ticket they're buying.

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