1. Pretty good! But one piece of critique, the handle generally doesn’t go through to the other side. It’s the part that you grip, and it’s not very sharp, so it wouldn’t go through the crewmate unless you had the strength (and intent) to push your hand through their flesh.

  2. It will more than likely be a PSVR2 exclusive. PSVR1 is just too outdated at this point. PSVR2 controllers have Compacitive sensors and overall are more egornamic (whatever the word is). It also has inside-out tracking, which is so much more stable and accurate than a camera and a buncha lights.

  3. Sorry. I sincerely accept that I have made a fatal mistake in this post and accept that I have to make a huge apology for this fatal error that is setting a bad examples for more anatomy. I accept that i shouldve done more research and take more art classes before hand.

  4. Alright announce thingy or whatever:It was the visor.

  5. I like the difficulty system idea, but there should still be custom settings. Edit: that was included in your post, sorry.

  6. Overtimer - Ghost that takes a task from a living crewmate’s list and does the task for them

  7. What happens if they vote for another impostor? (Like in situations where both impostors are really sus and want to gain credibility by “catching” an imp)

  8. The third panel is actually quite decent, pose and expression wise. I’d advise on having the text contrast the background more.

  9. Has been killed one million times but was only crew once? Yeah, you broke the game😝

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