1. Unfortunately it's mildly stereotypical, so OF COURSE it's offensive. (Though it's not)

  2. Tiff and tuff in the next Kirby game confirmed???

  3. So this is what kirby was supposed to be if he didn’t wake up early in right back at ya

  4. Supposedly Sonic remembers the events of 06, so I guess he'd remember the events of Archie too, I'm surprised Sonic hasn't been driven insane

  5. You know...I see IDW & Archie as one singular inter-connected saga...and the IDW universe is an result of the Super Genesis Wave...the same thing with the new Ken Penders comics...

  6. You'd like the Rediscovered Frontiers fanfic. It basically takes that concept of IDW being the SGW's result, but with refugees from th nold world popping up.

  7. I’d love it if they could merge WarioWare and WarioLand into one game. It’s basically a WarioLand game where you can spend your coins on converting them to WarioWare coins. As you play platformer levels you unlock WarioWare mixes.

  8. Do a new game that includes what made the others so fun: multiple endings, secret levels, fun gameplay, and also include the warioware cast

  9. lol i was a meme in this one(Otakunutjob(Asfi biggest Simp)

  10. Where is the part we're RC cola dies

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