1. We are not getting laid during Destiny guys, face it

  2. Exactly, all we care about right now is rum and booty, and not thát kind of booty!

  3. I'm very disappointed because before the game even came out they were bragging about how every single heroin from every single SAO game (including mobile) was going to be in the game.... But of course only a few of the most popular ones got picked like always and even then not even a lot of the most popular ones..

  4. Because there’s literally nothing to the FB OC. Nothing. Except dumbassery by letting a certain, stalkery, murder happy psycho join the party again instead of pulling the fucking trigger. I hate the OC because there’s literally nothing to like about the OC.

  5. Hmm yea I can understand that. To me he is one of my favorite character from FB. Not sure why but he just is

  6. OC is probably the only reason I purchased FB. Glad I was able to be my own character and not some Create-a-Kirito clone.

  7. It's probably for the more practical reason that they caught up to the LNs and it'll be a long time before more anime is made.

  8. I’m sure they made a lot of money from the games even if this game did not sell as well they are still make millions from SAOIF and the other game

  9. Well yeah. Mobile games make 95% of their profit from the top 5% of spenders.

  10. Truth be told, it'll probably just announce the final update release date and show some more footage/release date for Variant Showdown.

  11. Sorry to tell you this but earlier they make a tweet about her not coming to game .

  12. It's cool to see them but the fact that this is meant to be Kirito's final story in the gameverse and yet Klein, Agil, Argo and Yuuki, characters that were always there also for the story of the gameverse, aren't there for the finale, is super baffling. What a shitty decision.

  13. True. I wonder what they were thinking when they were making the game. We don’t even see the boys reunite

  14. Sadly yes it lock to 30 frames on the full game as well and with the final update on it way sometime soon I see no way of them adding a upgrade to the game on the Xbox series x/PlayStation 5

  15. There was no release date In the live stream. It believed that there won’t be one for the update

  16. Can’t say I heard of a passive like that in the skill tree. Thought there is a passive that you can get that dose 30% less time on charge your element. Sorry if I’m not that useful on this topic

  17. Is this for the main game or dlc? Because I beat main game and don't see anything for Ng+.

  18. I was a bit iffy when they introduced Rogu to us during the DLC 2 trailer. I find it a bit odd to introduce a brand new character this late into the gameverse. If they have teased us with Rogu's appearance in DLC 1, I would be okay with it. Regardless, I think Rogu is a good addition to the squad.

  19. I'll say it might come out around September right before the version of the game be on the switch September 29th. So maybe right before that deadline ends...

  20. There another ending that you could get which is the true ending unless you are talking about dlc 2 then there are 4-5 other ending

  21. tbh i dont like most of the chars cause they just cringe but i like the universe of sao and the premise of the "Games" form the Anime/Novel

  22. Hope they make a new game again at some point preferably with your own character like Fatal Bullet. That was fun. Ngl I’d like a Fatal Bullet 2 or a sequel to that game just because of the endings and dlc made it seem like they could build of it for a new game. I like this franchise and with a new game I’d prefer my own custom character again and maybe set in a world with swords again maybe set in Aincrad

  23. Anything that has your own character will alway be one of my favorite. Thought what your say is pretty cool as well

  24. It the last paid dlc. there still the heroine update with all 4 of the and that will be the last update to the game

  25. will level cap increase to 500 or 999 by then? whats a heroine update?

  26. heroine are for female hero. They are the Gameverse girls that we have been getting through out the game cycle. As for leveling I can’t say I believe they might increase it but only to 300 though it could be more not sure as I don’t know what was the highest level in the past game I only know fatel bullet and that had 300

  27. The story has quite a lot enjoyable moments with rogu. Can’t really say for the story. The gameplay kind of get better as you go in

  28. Hmm so quite disappointing from what you have told me. I might give it a shot if I have some spare time, but for now I'll leave it for what it is.

  29. I havent got the dlc nor do i want to as i know little about it, story wise is it good? I enjoyed the other games dlc but forget me not kinda sucked imo so is this any better?

  30. Can’t say for other but I like it mostly because of the new character and his story . Gameplay wise you be mostly running from floor to floor and the the mob are all set to level 101-109 the boss are kinda higher. You would also need to upgrade some of the character because of some of the thing in the story make you switch to different groups. Overall I can’t say it for everyone you may like it or you might hat it it differs to people

  31. Wait, so, are we getting that 2nd DLC?

  32. A small cameo would be great, but we all know how much the devs worship Kirito, so that’s probably not going to happen. Sure, the FB protagonist may have been silent the entire time, but their story is a helluva lot more interesting than the series’ poster boy.

  33. I had higher hopes for characters in this game. While enjoyable, I hoped for more. Guess that's how it'll be though lol

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