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  1. At least it’s not a religious cult and more so an ego and spoiled thing

  2. I mean pro life is a religious cult and that supplies the private adoption industry

  3. I’ve heard of onlyfans but I’ve never heard “amateur” used to describe it. I’ve only heard amateur used for homemade videos on free sites.

  4. ?? Obv onlyfans is amateur production. I don’t know why u r talking about their tos when my point is that amateur is certainly more ethical and is a good alternative

  5. I mean they changed their terms of service so that they own all the content uploaded there, which means they could legally resell it themselves and may even have a basis for litigation against performers who upload the same content elsewhere. A lot of performers on the site aren’t even aware of this because they did it after they got big. I’m only aware because I was in the sex industry (both consensually and as a trafficking victim) for many years before onlyfans came on the scene.

  6. anyone else dealing with feeling so much shame and guilt about their glowup? my only close friends have all gained a fair amount of weight lately… trying to not let it effect me but it’s really bringing me down that i can’t really celebrate 2 years of hard work and that they make me feel like it’s superficial for caring what i look like

  7. It sounds like your friends are being superficial by dismissing your hard work and dedication as “just looks.” Maybe they care more about looks than they let on and this is why they’re trying to diminish u. I have a very diverse looking group of friends but we all encourage each other

  8. No it’s actually more isolating, because the people I would most enjoy being friends with are put off by the way I look, and the people who do like the way I look don’t see much else

  9. You are, for the most part, giving individuals far too much credit.

  10. Not only is the average person not intelligent, 21% of US adults are functionally illiterate. The truth is harder to locate and to parse through than the fiction, particularly if you’ve never been taught to read critically.

  11. The Lilith I'm assuming you're talking about isn't real. It's a Jewish folklore thing and was first written waaaaaaaay later than anything else. Wouldn't be able to tell you the date by memory but I'm guessing AD something.

  12. Yes it’s Jewish in origin, but it’s not just Jewish. Her namesake appears in many cultures and practices

  13. I’m a Jewish woman and I have a child with a Christian (like his parents pastor an evangelical church type of Christian). My Jewish friends and family call me an attentive mother who’s able to juggle so much, the Christian side makes patronizing comments about how horrible it must be to be away from my son while I’m at work. Which seems like a crazy thing to say past 1980. I like working. I like having an individual identity outside of my family. Plus we need two incomes logistically.

  14. current Christian’s may not feel they’ve experienced it, but there’s droves of women who left the faith because they did experience it

  15. Ya thats what im asking too cuz she didnt say she was forced or pressured

  16. She was in her bosses house under false pretenses, he’s twice her age and stopped her after she tried to leave. How are you missing the pressure?

  17. Ya but she couldve left or thought about leaving while making out with him for 1 hour he didnt try to rape her she was just easy.

  18. He lied for the purpose of getting her alone in his house, he already had the cash on him (an amount for a different service than babysitting), he gave it to her to try and make her equally liable, not to be nice. He clearly planned out a coercive situation, esp when the whole reason older guys go for barely legal girls is bc a lot of them don’t know how to say no

  19. I mean I’m poor. It’s cheaper to order a sandwich for 1.79 at mcdonalds (no I’m not getting the meal and idk who is) than it is the make my own sandwich. I’ve done the math and it comes out to about ~$2 per sandwich per day, so it’s more expensive to make my own sandwich but I do it bc it’s healthier.

  20. His argument is based on a premise that is not true. While they are all natural disasters that is not enough of correlation to blindly link them together. The insanity of hurricanes is directly linked to the sea temperature which is increasing due to human actions. This means that we know for certain storms are getting both bigger and more frequent. Additionally, the big concern that everyone imagines when someone mentions sea level rise is the ocean overtaking a city. This is not the real concern. The real concern is exactly as you have laid it out. Minor increases in sea level combined with increases in sea temperature cause exponential increases in the intensity of hurricanes. Sure, wildfires are more common because of increasingly dry seasons however they are limited by the amount of dead wood on the ground. Once an area burns it is hard for it to burn again in a short period of time. Earthquake frequency isn’t increased by human activity in areas of high population density.

  21. This environmental analysis was stunningly thorough! As a native Floridian for 25 years I’d like to add some economic/social analysis. Most people who live here year round do not live on barrier beaches. The city that I live in has quadrupled in housing over my lifetime, but the censused population has only doubled and homelessness has increased dramatically. This lends to an idea that data supports: most of the large footprint beach building (which heavily contributes to beach line erosion) isn’t even done for people who live here: it’s done for vacation home owners, Airbnb owners, and the tourist industry. Multi-floor beachside buildings (like the ones we recently saw fall into the Atlantic in Miami) are exclusively hotels and time shares. What needs to be done to stop this: building restrictions within a certain distance of the beach (we shouldn’t have the tallest high rises in the city sitting on the literal sand), continue investing in the dune rebuilding project they’ve been working on, increase wages for locals so they can actually contribute to the economy, rent control the non barrier areas so that locals can continue to live & work here without losing all the tourism money.

  22. Everything you said is undoubtedly true. It’s the sad reality the local citizen’s face harsher consequences due to non-local investments. However I can only feel so much pity because the government actively encourages behavior that is determental to the citizens yet the citizens keep voting in more extreme government. All of the steps you mentioned are a good step and will certainly reduce the impact of lesser storms to a large degree, especially if you include mangrove restoration. The effects of mangrove restoration cannot be understated! I just don’t think it will have a meaningful impact on storms of this size. The reality is that Florida has destroyed its only true native protection (Everglades) over hundreds of years and it will take similar numbers of years to restore it if that is our goal.

  23. I agree with everything you said about the government! A lot of the ecosystem destruction happened before my time, but we are still passing horrible policies today. It’s unfortunately largely a result or gerrymandering and rich transplants. Yes of course we have poor conservatives here, like everywhere else, but culturally we are still “out of the south.” Without revealing too much, my county sheriff has run unopposed for most of his reign and he’s gained nation notoriety for being an asshole (good friend of desantis too), he’s getting paid twice the state average per prisoner per day, and it certainly shows in the way my county is policed: poor locals getting felonies for drugs and alcohol while the rich people party with impunity. I say this because I wonder how much felonies have also effected our voting body.

  24. Yeah the “appearing online” is tricky. My partners fb randomly comes online or offline in messenger, even when he’s sitting right next to me nowhere near his phone

  25. Yep also OP said gf travels for work that can definitely make it haywire. Wife and I resort to using Discord when I'm at work because it's such a large building and the cell signal and wifi signal is so spotty its hard for me to get texts out at all. Then on discord it'll show me as online but half the time because of bad connections she'll send a message and it won't pop up on my phone. I'll get the messages but only if I close app and relaunch it somewhere I have signal.

  26. I didn’t even think about the long distance for WhatsApp. Me and my best friend use WhatsApp when she’s out of the country and I think it shows online based on time difference, because it’ll tell me she’s online and I’ll text her (it’s the middle of the night there) and ofc she doesn’t message back til it’s morning there.

  27. I’m still new, working in the gym but no huge results yet. My major change has been a haircut! I knew my hair was a Halo but I’d let it get too long and it was dry and weighing down my curls, cut off five inches and added some layers. My hair is still “long” but now it’s bouncy and my curls are coming back to life!

  28. Plus if spiritual gifts are the evidence (which is good evidence, I don’t disagree) then it definitely doesn’t help that so many Christians lack spiritual gifts, and there are plenty of non-messianic Jews who have them.

  29. This is it. Baby-faced folk still age well provided they look after themselves as their features just seem to become more "defined" as they age rather than "older".

  30. Yeah this is what I’ve seen in myself. I always had chubby cheeks and a fat round face in general. Now in my mid twenties it’s turning into cheekbones and a jawline.

  31. The beginning of that sentence is “to reach out behind her husbands back without his agreement”

  32. Whether it is insulting and whether it would be perceived by his friends as insulting is a different thing. Seems like we all agree that it’s not actually insulting and you’re just missing that the perception element is what the original commenter was referencing.

  33. Omg I didn’t even realize that was a tattoo, it fit there so well I thought it was a lace panel in the shirt. This project will look great on you OP!

  34. Yeah I still in doubt about SD for myself, but be underweight makes things hard to see, what type do you suggest?

  35. I think you are pure D. Your chest follows the same line as your rib cage which would eliminate SD. I also don’t see the width of FN. But I do see vertical. It’s also very common for Ds to be pear shaped (which is not well represented by the Uber thin Ds that are often used for reference)

  36. I disagree. I think there are a lot of applications in the bible that can correct the ideas that are harmful to others. What we need is to be able to duscuss these topics and defend them with a better understanding of our own faith and the teachings in it. The idea to love your neighbor is still at the heart of most things. With a better understanding by the general public of Christians, the less we will step out in a way that harms society.

  37. That’s more along the lines of evangelizing though, not lawmaking. We don’t get to control what other adults are doing, even if we may think it’s harmful to them, they’d disagree with you (in cases of abortion/homosexuality). There is even debate about these topics among believers so trying to force these standards on everyone is oppressive and can’t come from a loving place, at least not the type of love Jesus called us to show. If your goal is to codify religious law into legal law I’d hope you’d also want the sins you commit to be equally as illegal.

  38. I think anyone who votes against abortion is acting in the love for the unborn. It's a worthy thing to put into law. And even with debate being around it, voting it in should be a right anyone, (including Christians( should feel justified in doing. Homosexuality might not seem as big of an issue, and maybe it isn't. But abortion definitely is.

  39. Did you get to vote on Roe v Wade overturn, because I didn’t? It was decided by six people who are largely removed from normal society, none of whom were elected. Based on surveyed opinions the ruling also contradicted the majority opinion of the voting body.

  40. Hmm I definitely see curve! You can tell you'd be quite curvy with weight, I think you're a slim SD, Bella Hadid is an example of someone people think is very slim SD

  41. Still should be 0/5 unless it is medically necessary, or postpone it for like 10-20 years.

  42. I am also anti circumcision. I just have the experience of being born into reformed Judaism (a group which is also largely against circumcision) so I thought that brought more to the conversation that just medical circumcision, which is what’s more widely understood among gentiles, and also accounts for the majority of modern US circumcisions

  43. Yeah that comment was insightful, it wasn’t posted yet when I commented. I had always seen the types presented on the yin-yang spectrum so this has given me a different way of looking at it :)

  44. She has a long vertical line, with width on her shoulders. She has more bone than double curves, more yang, so yeah, I agree with FN.

  45. Libraries have so many resources that people don't realize. You can borrow entertainment like DVDs. That provide codes so you can get discounted or even free online subscriptions to places like the NYtimes

  46. My library also has an app so you can check out ebooks and audiobooks from your phone. Getting a library card (even if you don’t use it) means more funding for libraries!

  47. So this is not the most emotional advice, but it’s practical and comes from my own experience. I felt the same way as a teen, it led to a 4 year serious drug addiction. I thought I wouldn’t have to worry about my future, but now I do. Most people who think they’ll die young don’t actually die young, I thought I could reliably predict it but as I’ve lived and aged and watched friends die I’ve learned that it’s actually somewhat random. Doing stuff to distract you from the bad lifestyle worsens the lifestyle, you get behind because you’re not building the emotional skills that you should be, and you lose all sense of discipline. It’s a vicious cycle. You need an “anchor.” For me this is at least one scheduled activity that I have to do. Right now this is being in full time school, at other times it was jobs or intensive therapy. But I’ll tell you this, having found out that I did in fact live (not for lack of trying) I wish I could go back in time and set myself up better. I’m currently paying for college out the ass with no support from my family, and that sucks a lot, but since im living I need to build a decent life, escaping stopped working years ago.

  48. You want to use demons to benefit mankind? That sounds like something I would do. But wouldn't that be a sin in itself for a Christian?

  49. That’s why the Bible has so many rules about the treatment of slaves, so that we could prepare to enslave demon aliens for the betterment of society /s

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