1. Thomas had never seen such bullshit before.

  2. And then he left, he had seen everything

  3. I immediately thought of a NSFW art done by Horosuke

  4. Think of all the SQ packs you could of bought instead of going full cringe

  5. Hey, at least I know I’m getting something

  6. Out of curiosity; how serious is it that it involves Morgan, Castoria & his children with the two women ?

  7. you're gonna have to ask Spine that question

  8. Once again, this is a commission for me done by

  9. If this turns out to be true, then perhaps the Lostbelts were merely just experiments in order to test the proof of concept that the seeds could implant themselves and expand their human order

  10. Ok, I’ve been confused on what exactly is Daybits plan here? I get ORT is a part of it, but can someone please explain what the actual heck is he trying to do?

  11. Go to the chapter discussion thread, cause I can’t say it here

  12. Thanks, nice to see someone from here read that

  13. Hakuno's own personal hell whenever they fight over him

  14. Thunderclash, Grimlock, IDW Megatron, and Fortress Maximus.

  15. For a god who hates work Kama sure jumped at the opportunity to be useful

  16. God damn, her cleavage is even more destructive in 3D...

  17. She will take your blood, and then your virginity

  18. So with all this new information….how does Area 51 and Bluebook work into all this?


  20. I guess, they’re saving that Achievement win for someone else!

  21. The new Luvia CE looks so much better than the one it’s replacing.

  22. Wait that was luvia in the old ce? Thought that was eresh, I feel so dumb now

  23. No because that CE was there at launch so it could not have been Ereshkigal

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