1. If you ever make LB6 enter the fry… it’s going to get real fucking ugly… it’s like the ultimate antithesis of this world

  2. Don’t, Discord has already formed an alliance with Pinkie Pie and Hoopa

  3. Ayo, what was it about? I came here from twitter too where people were complaining about altermanga or something

  4. Basically the disliked the art for various reasons which included but not limited to:

  5. Well? Are you all ready for the GAUNTLET of salt about to hit us?

  6. Thankfully I only want Muramasa and the fairy knights

  7. You said spoonful, you never said how big the spoon had to be

  8. I want his invincibility break damage bonus

  9. Comparing Alternate Worlds and Timelines is one of my favorite aspects when a franchise embraces the Multiverse Concept.

  10. Thank you for this little surprise, it has given me the energy that I needed to finish an essay for college, I must thank you for that.

  11. Mother Harlot looks kinda more accurate than beast Nero

  12. I was thinking of Zoe Nightshade from Percy Jackson

  13. Wow dude you went and immediately created a new account.

  14. Or you know, most people aren't into jailbait.

  15. Still in the end, I’m glad Ciel is capable of kicking his priestly butt.

  16. Did he just banish her to the imaginary space?

  17. A shame Astraea wasn’t there to do a “Stone cold stunner”

  18. Aha there it is, Ishtar just can’t be the loser in this department! She won’t allow it. They say a fake can surpass the original, and this case it very well is beginning to look like that.

  19. Ritsuka wasn’t seen for days when Ishtar learned about the Aphrodite kids. Something about showing her who’s better and Ritsuka being able to take it.

  20. Can’t blame her, having 10 kids with another love goddess who was more or less inspired by you. I’d feel pretty jealous. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if Ishtar was insecure about the fact that Aphrodite’s kids are full blooded demigods, while she has is still possessing Rin’s body. Meaning that her kids have less divinity, and more of Rin’s DNA than her own

  21. We still don’t have Japanese divine spirts

  22. I really hate it when gacha games call their characters waifus I unironically

  23. I have no idea what's going on in the 2nd panel besides Oberon catching Sith and Gudao kissing. What's with the dialogue with Oberon?

  24. That’s his voice line for Sith in “my room”

  25. This is so meticulously researched and planned lol 😂

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