1. Refs got DeFrozens balls in their mouth cause ain’t no way

  2. IK a giannis fan isn’t talking. Your boy relies on 12 a game

  3. Aren’t you tanking? Fuck off my screen

  4. This sub’s ability to critique some of the most elite players is crazy.

  5. Maybe one day when he retires with no team success in the next 4 years(unless he gets traded) he'll realize how much he fucked up by throwing his lot in with Kyrie

  6. What do you want him to say? “Kyrie is an awful person and our team is shitty because of it”? That won’t help anything and it will make poor chemistry even worse. This question was set up for him to fail, obviously he can’t give us his real take. He can’t actually say anything until he or kyrie gets traded

  7. Idk my middle school coach was fucking and getting sucked off by the 11-13 year old middle school girls on the team when I was wrestling so I kind of don’t mind the disallowing it even though I know it’s super illegal. The head coach ended up getting almost 200 years eventually deduced down to 20. He’s out now

  8. He ends up being a poor rebounder and gets picked apart in P+Rs on defense

  9. The gap is closing at least. It used to be something like 190k to 70k

  10. You can say a lot of things about sixers fans, but you can’t say we aren’t committed haters

  11. How does crossbones not take the damage from hitting electro? I haven't ranked my 5* as I've been hoping to pull him 6*

  12. No disrespect, but what nationals was this? MB surf 17s looks significantly better than this

  13. this isn't america, but idk what country it is

  14. I'd rather have Knicks picks than Cavs picks. The Cavs are a young, ascending team that have a small chance of getting old Lebron back. Their picks could easily turn out to be in the twenties.

  15. If they get bron, they will get worse, who is expendable in the 60 contract bron will have

  16. I meant like next 2-3 seasons. 60 mil is crazy for a 39 year old, regardless of how good he is, age will catch up to him eventually

  17. I hate to say it but you should for your platform later, if that was 3 inches farther, you’re shanking that ball into the next court

  18. Completely agree. They are both MVVC on the far side. 12s in the first clip and 18s in the second clip. Crazy it’s 6 years apart

  19. For the people hating, 7 is committed to BYU (6’8 OH Trent moser) and 18 is going to penn state and is 6’7. Dealing with that much growth at 18, and being good at passing and as mobile as they are is crazy impressive. They are both better than 99% of the people on this sub. On the other side of the net is 6’4 oH Patrick Kane, committed to ucsb, all were fab 50.

  20. I mean automatic and Milan are really good 3rd and 4th best players thoigh

  21. am i the only one here that understood the passages but ran out of time? literally had 3 min left to read and answer passage 2

  22. What was your time killer? I didn’t see anything that bad

  23. i think i got it wrong- i was thinking that wldnt prove it since it could be equilateral

  24. Can anyone let me know if Wolverine (classic) is worth ranking and awakening? He seems to have a lot of regen, and i have a 5* mutant awakening gem and could get him to decent sig. anyone have any thoughts? Thanks guys!

  25. Fun to play, not the most useful, especially if you already have archangel

  26. Just got a 5 star nexus crystal. I got winter soldier Magik and Black widow Clairvoyant. I know I should bin winter soldier. But I am really unsure between Magik and Black widow.

  27. Saying that "they just can’t stand to see me do well" demonstrates a complete lack of emotional intelligence. He has no idea why other people hold the opinions they have, and he has no idea that trying to understand other people's perspectives is a worthwhile endeavor.

  28. Seeing suggestions like account level 60, purchased units only and not trading 1 to 1 is scary

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