Lil Stuck A Battery Up My Ass

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  1. Get a hormone and blood panel done. You might be deficient in certain hormones!

  2. Therapy and having a supportive partner who talks things out and doesn’t alarm your ptsd or cptsd🚩

  3. Every hour walk for 10 mins and try to get a shoulder massage. Fart alot if you can!

  4. You can have a full blown period and blood clotting for 3 full months or more. Mental decline, low libido, and fatigue every day. Or it could bless you with nothing.

  5. Oh yes! Amazing! I started backpacking and windsurfing again. The one thing that holds me back is my Adenomyosis now but that’s like 4-5 days of period only.

  6. Thanks. Why did you decide to stop the cymbalta after three months?

  7. I started getting depression and suicidal thoughts, anger outbursts, and severe anxiety. I was put on it for Endometriosis which was for nerve pain and I don’t have depression. Only health related anxiety when I’m in pain. So it was negligent on my previous doctors behalf. I was taking pain meds every month and she decided to have me try it just to try and I’m glad I decided not to after 3 [email protected] has saved my pain.

  8. Thanks. I was also put on it for mild anxiety and small bouts of fatigue. Did it take three months for the side effects to occur?

  9. Did you get a blood panel and a full spectrum thyroid check? Also even if you do have bad thyroid levels increasing b12 and iron and taking a multivitamin could do wonders.

  10. Pay half my debt with 8,000 and the rest use the next two months cuz I’m disabled and unemployed.

  11. Type in the search here and some people have already asked. Great recommendations via here and Instagram!

  12. Nice! I would agree with you and sun instant mashed potatoes and sub beef jerky for the bacon

  13. First of all! Great F*cking Job!!! I honestly would get tired of it and every time she offers you a donut give her the healthy snack choices in return. If my mom would continue I’d slap back and put her in her place by saying “you are not respecting my boundaries I want to live a healthy life and I’m sorry you are choosing not be a supportive mom or choosing not to be healthy as well. If you can’t respect my boundaries then we have a problem.” And try joining online groups!!! We spend so much time on our phones it’s super easy to FaceTime a gym buddy or accountability partner!

  14. Frostie ( mango, piña, or lime) margarita with a tajin rim! Add a drop of jalapeño bitters!

  15. Lemurs! Comfy onesies for the win! Plus there is a rock climbing party we’re going too so it will be a costume we can move in as well!

  16. It might not work. The only cure for Adenomyosis is hysterectomy. If you aren’t ready for that then definitely try each method out for 1 month if you are in extreme pain. If it’s just bleeding off and on then give it 3-4 months!

  17. Pain does not correlate to stage! It can be where it occurs. Also since you had ablation and not excision you might have way more since an Endo specialist is the one who is trained to see many other forms of Endo versus a gynecologist. I have ablation and then was bed bound for 4 months and luckily got into see a Endo specialist and they found way more and cut/ excised it all out. So you are right- go get a second opinion! Do your own research, join the Instagram Endo community, research ablation bs excision and endometriosis excision specialists near you. Best of luck 🤞

  18. Omg YOUR PAIN IS REAL! But you probably have tons of adhesions if you haven’t had expert excision surgery done by a specialist yet. And you might have adenomyosis as well. On the mental wall front I hear you on that. We protect ourselves from pain. We’ve been in survival mode for years and so inflamed! Mental blocks are common and working with a Endo specialist and multi disciplinary team: pelvic floor PT, maybe a pain specialist (for pain meds or muscle relaxers every month or suppositories, etc), and a therapist if the mental toll is too much.

  19. omg thank you so much for your words , i will definitely check out those books , ive been looking for some good endo literature for my down time. ive tried to apply for disability since moving to a new state but to no avail … my sis told me the same thing , focus on my body first , and everything else can come second . i feel like i get so overwhelmed by my disadvantages it all turns my brain into soup! i wish you well with your condition 🤍 youre a true endo warrior

  20. I’m actually not sure which surgery I had! I know excision is better, but why is ablation worse?

  21. You had ablation if you aren’t sure. There are only 200 specialists worldwide unfortunately. The Film EndoWhat is coming out this next year and it aims at helping this huge problem. A lot of gynecologists are not going to be performing lap ablations for Endo once this news breaks next year. I’d recommend joining the community on Instagram we have a huge network of information there! Follow who I follow @adventureswithendoxadeno . I would also suggest Tamir Seckins book “ the doctor will see you now” or Laraes Parker’s “Vagina problem’s “

  22. Ketamine or cannabis and Valium suppositories! Or a mix of all 3! Also if you’re just venting I apologize but maybe it might help?

  23. The Levo machine helps me! Or old fashioned method here

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