1. I'm just gonna say the camera equipment might be hard to find from everyday people but I wish you good luck in your search

  2. You would be surprised what kind of footage you can get with a GoPro these days. Also, I’ve seen IPhone video compete with DSLR with the right knowledge

  3. Any updates on this from 2 years ago? I’m dealing with the same issue and it’s frustrating

  4. Nope… I did read recently that you can maybe report it to the admins to investigate. I’m not sure how to do that though.

  5. Thanks Doc. Appreciate the response 👍

  6. Talking to a few but no solid commitments yet. Spots still open

  7. Yo? Dmed you couple of times? I think my stuff is not going through because I Have low karma.

  8. We don’t have an only fans. We have received your DM. Our single guy roster is full.

  9. Thanks for all the comments and responses everyone. The night turned out awesome. We are no longer looking. At our next opportunity for play, we will post again 👍

  10. Awesome Nate. If your already there come say hi. We can have a drink regardless of what gets decided later.

  11. Wish we could make it. Getting ready for travel tomorrow so have an early night.

  12. Hosting a meet and greet in Dallas tomorrow for a swinger/Hotwife group we manage. A few couple and some guys attending. MF couple here. DM for details if interested 👍

  13. Hey guys - did you ever get any help with this?

  14. Love it when my wife gets "travel for work" cock!

  15. Not only, but definitely a preference lately.

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