1. That number is from your inventory, check your stash once, if inventory ISOs are full (which is almost always full for 99% of the people ) they will moved to stash. If thats not the case sometimes the number does not show the correct value, restart and check your ISO inventory.

  2. I am sure they must be overflowing in your stash and same i get sometimes as i dont need them atm.

  3. Dude u enabled suicide without Willpower ????

  4. you need to bring all 4 plus 1 of your choice , u can do it on easy path .

  5. I needed mystic so chose mystic class one got options from America Chavez, Doramamu and Cliar. got Kabamed as already had clair only R3 duped, went with Chavez.

  6. I love using my R3 kingpin but i wont be calling this fight a cheese, just normal fight. u are careful as usual and did not get hit, if by any chance u get hit or play with lower ranked champ u will die.

  7. I too don't understand this logic ITS STUPID, a Cosmic champ loaded with buffs and immune to nullify also immune to powerdrain burn etc. These are mystic class main abilities so these Puts a shame on the mystic class superiority of over cosmic class.

  8. Hulkling is also Power Manipulation immune and when you nullify his buffs they become passive. So he’s also a tougher defender against mystics. I don’t think this gives them any superiority over mystic at all.

  9. They can prevent bitch slap by node , why passive ability. for Gorr kabam focused too much on regen part they forget there are other things too. There was so many cheese for him.

  10. Colossus isn't immune to armor breaks from tech champions? so perhaps Warlock or Hulkbuster?

  11. Dead u read node? Warlock will have trouble getting to SP2 to break armor, there is power burn warlock will take too much damage already. same goes for HB here

  12. there is one in variant with bane node, crazy-ass defender now.

  13. Same things will happen with wiccan S2 , faster than mephisto

  14. He has a poison immunity node and shrugs off debuffs faster so he's not amazing here.

  15. Nick fury second life all day , cavalier both new bossese

  16. I have never spent units on revive and i am waiting for R4s to be paragon.

  17. What happend w.r.t moleman, Can someone explain ?

  18. that's why i am curios to know why not both, we have insane amount in overflow, what was the reason he is not able to. if he havent done the quest still he had time.

  19. What about herc,warlock and Hulk buster Will herc manage herc and OS?

  20. I really liked how u have referred the link of the past champs. Much helpful to recall what we used and all.

  21. Warlock has a weird ability where if he has an armor up buff on him special attacks that hit him cannot be critical

  22. That's why the made this node bro , have to break or nullify Armor first

  23. There was no Armor break due to debuff immunity, so no crit on warlock

  24. Kudos to all guys who did it( arena and carena )

  25. Kudos to all guys who did it( arena and carena 😬)

  26. Units spent, but not money spent. I haven’t spent a penny in over five years.

  27. really that 10k units grind from arena , while we just had those 4th of july (atleast 15k spend for R4 material).

  28. Generally, people will go with the new champ i.e Odin.

  29. Did u really used him?? His cleanse is fucking my warlock and can't do a shit man.

  30. Warlock is definitely one of if not the best option for tech objective, you can watch some videos if you want to see. I just barely got the solo with a tech power boost and 6r3 warlock but it shouldn’t take too many revives if you use him

  31. True guys he is easier than venompool, S2 does so much dmage venompool is so much work

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