1. Mr. Beast. Many people have said that he turns into a different person off camera. Also if you actually watch his videos, he's pretty arrogant.

  2. His videos always give me the vibe of some royal tossing coins to peasants for dancing for him

  3. "If you ever try to contact me, or my family again, I will fucking kill you."

  4. Genuinely one of the best lines in the series. The voice actress said it with so much conviction

  5. You learn the language of the country you move to. It’s as simple as that. Move to an English speaking country? Learn English. Move to a Mandarin speaking country? Learn Mandarin. Move to a Spanish speaking country? Guess what! Learn Spanish.

  6. I misread this and was so confused. I thought her boyfriend was 21 and her son was 20. And I was like no shit he isn’t?? I then realized my brain scrambled when I read this 😂

  7. Haha me too! I was like why is this even a question??

  8. Even if she did identify as a lesbian, circumstances change. The more you learn about yourself and the world, the better you understand your feelings. I’ve gone from identifying as bisexual>lesbian>asexual as I learned more and more about my attraction to people. It’s really not a big deal to change how you identify yourself as

  9. I totally get the message this is sending but I unironically love this chair lmao

  10. I downloaded the app today and pretty much the only thing in my area was one single lunchable that’s expiring today :(


  12. The roads are clear but a lot of the buses that were stuck yesterday were still stuck as of today. Also I keep seeing how only about 1/3 of the buses made it back to the depot for refuelling but idk how accurate those numbers are. I’m inclined to believe it since the roads were so clear near my house but I still had to wait for an hour and a half for a bus to arrive

  13. Simply because it's an issue of workers' rights, the Republican party has chosen the side of the employers over the workers as that's just thier usual stance

  14. Yep, when those corporations are the ones lining the politician’s pockets, it’s no wonder which way they would vote.

  15. I like to tear a piece of paper to shreds, I feel like it’s a great release without being destructive to yourself. And please keep reminding yourself, you are allowed to live a pain free life and that will never be a burden. The people around you love you and want to help you through this. It’s totally expected to be in a flurry of emotion, especially since you’ve been waiting for this for nearly half your life.

  16. My belly button looked just like that after I had excision surgery. It went back to normal once it was healed, but that’s where they put the biggest incision. I think it’s also where they pump the gas inside your abdomen to do the surgery

  17. I’m currently in optometry and I haven’t worked with a man in about 5 years. Depending on where you are, this is a very female dominated industry and it’s also a lot of fun!

  18. If mom didn’t see it on the floor, no germs actually get on the food. It’s been scientifically proven.

  19. OOP does not seem like a person that should be in a relationship..

  20. THe OOP might have to give her more time, but that was an under-handed lie and she should go.

  21. There’s a now deleted comment that is saying she is suddenly very uncomfortable around OPs 20 year old son. The implications of the comment aren’t good

  22. They’re clearly talking about a humanized version. Can you not read subtext?

  23. YTA. Your roommate is wrong about them only needing one box, but I don't think putting the litterbox in the living room is very nice. Maybe the bathroom? Some more out of the way corner? I don't care how often you clean it, it is still going to smell at times.

  24. Litter boxes need to be in important areas of the house and as long as you’re actually cleaning them properly, they don’t smell

  25. That girl was probably hearing her mom during her last moments knowing she was doing everything she could to save her. I couldn’t imagine the pain she must be going through right now :(

  26. That’s going to be my next attempt. My friend had an eyeglass repair kit they lent me but nothing in there’s worked so far. If I have to crazy glue it I will.

  27. It’s because you have a spring hinge. The spring mechanism holding it together has failed and you need a replacement arm. If you use glue, you would have to use a lot in order to reattach it. Use shrink wrap if you can, if not, see if you can find a pair of readers that match and then replace the arm. My mom once broke her glasses in the same way in a town with no optometrist and we were able to finagle it using a pair of magnifiers and some elastic band.

  28. The House that Jack Built is easily one of my favourite movies. The way the narrative was presented was so fucking good. The ending was so weird but it fit the feeling of the movie so well. It’s definitely one that I wish I could watch for the first time again

  29. Vivarium. I found it deeply disturbing. Every time I drive by a housing complex where all the houses are built the same way I shudder a little bit.

  30. Oh man, I loved the scene where the kid was watching that other couple have sex and he was just standing there, clapping in time. It was such a little detail but it really stuck with me

  31. I’ve seen a couple of your takes on this thread and they’re all terrible

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