1. the nazi party was a nationalist socialist small party that was taken over by the fascisti. so, you are comparying apples and pears there.

  2. See and thats why people like you are kinda dumb. I point to a historical group where their name didn’t actually match their doctrine in comparison to Antifa and you label me a fascist, which ironically is what a fascist/ sith would do. Everything in absolutes. Nah man Im not a fascist unless to you that just means disagreeing with you.

  3. see, that´s why the qanon world didn´t win. you think you know history. you don´t. the hitler´s party was german workers party, no national socialist party. both were nationalist and fascist. both fascism and nazism were very popular before hitler going full dictator. there were parades of nazis on usa´s streets, on britain´s streets.

  4. Dude ive read the rise and fall of the third reich, please stop lecturing me on the history, I know the history. Or We can just send each other random Nazi facts to decide this history knowledge dick measuring contest. The point remains that a groups name proves nothing about their doctrine, would you agree or disagree, or are you just going to keep calling me a fascist? Here we can use a different group since you are stuck in the Nazi thing. The terrorist group know as the lord’s resistance army based in Uganda back a decade ago. Nothing about them was Christian but a dumbass would argue,” well they do have the lord in their name, they must be Christian “ nah terrorist group. My point is solid, not sure why you are arguing against it.

  5. That was a long time ago, not a fan of his but people can make mistakes and grow and be forgiven.

  6. I hope it stays shut down, government wastes money like its going out of style

  7. I worked at Tesla for almost a year, they can't get a trunk seal or a door seal to function properly.

  8. I also worked at Tesla and i say the opposite of everything you said.

  9. Theres a difference between changing a character's race and changing a character's race and making it their personality

  10. Not trying to be an edgelord, but reddit has its own mass manipulation . Id say this video being reposted often is a way we are manipulated into thinking reddit is somehow different. Just be careful of propaganda folks, use critical thinking on absolutely everything you see on social media, particularly if its aligns with what you want to be true.

  11. Canadian here, if you don’t want criticism don’t do things that are worthy of criticism.

  12. Worry bout yo self future north michigan

  13. Lol can’t sleep, this one is well done. Well done

  14. Marriage is just arguing about whose mom does what in the superior fashion. “My mom does it this way and thats why you should to. “

  15. Every safety regulation was written in blood because of something horrific that happened due to cost cutting and negligence. While many of them overreact, they are needed.

  16. While i agree that it shouldn’t be the wild wild west. Surrender your freedom for your own safety is an evil mantra used by governments

  17. But it's not the freedom of every American, is it? It's the freedom of corporate management as to what conditions they place their workers and consumers in.

  18. But wouldn’t the place that doesn’t sell sawdust bread win out in the market?

  19. I mean we have no idea what happened before this

  20. Why are you calling 15 year olds “pathetic degenerates” damn you’re a creep.

  21. Ahh you are fifteen bahah, guy is right. You act like anyone who is born into wealth automatically increases their wealth a million fold, Teslas are the best selling EV in the world. You shits dont even care about climate change

  22. I just saw they’re doing a Twitter Space for it, but the official iPad Twitter app, which is what I’m browsing on, doesn’t support Spaces. 🫠

  23. Meh those twitter spaces are easy to join, dont have to do anything special, just hit join and boom you are in

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