1. The first logo is reminiscent of BAE

  2. well it’s practically the exact same name and symbol, it’s not so much inspired by Atlas as it is copyright infringement

  3. Don't stretch out your type like that. Also, Verdana is a free system font - what was your reason for choosing it over something more professional?

  4. I have no such professional fonts. Besides, I am just amateur at drawing logos and flags.

  5. What do you mean by that? I mentioned the inspiration source.

  6. It's a bit closer to what a typical flag looks like, since the vast majority of flags do not feature letters prominently.

  7. Olympus is spelt with an omicron, not an omega

  8. Hi, which software you're using to make the flags ?

  9. I use vector editor called Inkscape. I wish I could have Affinity Designer.

  10. For great seal of Japan I mixed Imperial Seal with label from South Korean coat of arms.

  11. Not heraldry. The right place would be

  12. Thanks for a link! I haven't known about that subreddit.

  13. For great seal of Japan I mixed Imperial Seal with label from South Korean coat of arms.

  14. The off-centered-ness of each element is hurting my brain.

  15. I tried to move the roundel with wings close to the center.

  16. The flag was inspired by Confederate flag and symbol was influenced by Youtsu tomoe symbol.

  17. An inspiration for Roundel and wings was taken from Golden snitch from Harry Potter. Swift and Set mean Fast and decisive attack from air.

  18. Japanese people make up like half of everyone in Hawaii.

  19. Good question. 2026 is a year of Hawaii's independence after non-nuclear WWIII.

  20. I'm taking a pause on drawing flags as I have no desire fot doing so for a while.

  21. The flag of Republic of Canada is inspired by Canada Duality Flag.

  22. Flag of Republic of Canada has been inspired by Canada Duality flag (link down below)

  23. The heraldry swords on flags are Hawaii swords with shark teeth.

  24. It is just USAAC star with Hibiscus from South Korean emblem.

  25. An inspiration for the flag and emblem was taken from here (link down below)

  26. I understand the reason of your hatred of it but this is flag of Russia without tyrants like Putin.

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