1. Pretty pretty! I'll have to add her to my collection :)

  2. This is just AMAZING. And I have such a crush on her, too.

  3. This back massager is indeed "for funsies", the OP ain't lying ๐Ÿ˜

  4. Oh wow, gorgeous! I'll have to look her up now.

  5. I can only hear Rowan Atkinson

  6. YES! With that โ€”ing Mr. Bean mucking things up, everyone seems to forget that Atkinson can be *painfully* sarcastic.

  7. On July 1st (Hong Kong independence day), right at noon the sun shines through the holes and forms a rude gesture pointing straight at Buckingham Palace.

  8. Oh yeah! Katie is gorgeous, and flats with nylons is a winning combo.

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