NATO: Defending Ukraine Is Defending Democracy

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Biden said Ukraine air defence missile responsible for Poland blast - NATO source

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  1. And it's gaaaarrrbaaaage.. how is it acceptable to them for it to run this bad?

  2. Legacy of Kain is deified. The fans tell tales of it, few know the truth. It was hype once. As were we all. The developers love for the fans drove them to create Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver and its sequels. I am a fan. One of the first to play blood omen and played the games that would follow. I waited for what feels like a millennium. Over time the games became something less of a series, and more... divine. The industry would enter a state of change and emerge with new games. Some years later, our games would follow. Until an announcement came with the chance of surpassing those games. I earned a new kind of reward... hype.

  3. I wish I had an award to give you for this.

  4. People who deny science either for profit or because someone else tells them to. And quite literally evangelicals.

  5. That's what I'm saying, and after Russian tanks running out of gas, and watching them run over THEIR OWN LANDMINES even if Russia does have nukes. I'd bet money most of them are duds. They obviously are using Soviet Era equipment and training still.

  6. I actually don't find it to be too Unreasonable to believe that the reason for their backlogged out of date military catalog is that all the money goes into their Nuclear arsenal. That's like, their whole thing. "We got nukes." Would explain why Putin seems so itchy to push the button.

  7. Idk why but I read it in a catty British accent. Just that touch of snark.

  8. Now we need to be blessed by something similar for male characters...

  9. Make Ramuh the silver stallion he was in The Eden raid series in FFXIV and people will be plenty happy

  10. If an amoeba can be like "this area is too warm, i will leave" i think a bird should be able to figure it out

  11. Totally fucked and I felt bad for the Craw. But fuck, did that make me chuckle.

  12. I dunno man she looks like a level 5, code red crazy lady that can quite literally snap you in half.

  13. As if that's going to dissuade me! I'm ready for that whirlwind of crazy.

  14. i like how he has a good attitude about it i’d be pissed lol

  15. I mean, dude just hopped a car that almost crushed him. That adrenalin and relief would certainly give me a "Holy shit today was close" laugh

  16. They’re actually long time nemesis who try and kill each other each day. He laughs here because he thinks “not today ol’ chap”

  17. "ol' chap" like it's just a casual death match game of chess between friends. "Hoho! You almost got me you rascal!"

  18. Make sure she knows you love her. Coz you're about to go at her like you don't.

  19. “They were so scared of me coming to fight that they canceled the entire war”

  20. That actually brings up a follow up question. How does pvp function in the open world. Are there duel flags? Can people just walk up and pk you? I'm sure this has been answered and I probably missed it.

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