1. Let them riot! I think it looks like they are supposed to be there

  2. Those have low offsets compared to the C6 wheels. The adapters make the offsets even smaller. How do those fit?

  3. If I had the correct size spacers on the front and lowered the car, it would look amazing It looks like shit right now though

  4. You could get an HR with less miles for that price

  5. Very well done! Are their parts back ordered at all?

  6. Thank you! I’m not exactly sure at the moment but for the most part, these are always made after ordered, and take a couple of months!

  7. Oh really? Never heard of them I'll take a look at them, they look exactly like the fly1, but I couldn't bring myself to buy anything from them because of that, company just has trash products and charges way too much for it.

  8. These fenders fit perfect, you don’t even need a bodyshop to install them. The fenders also have mesh on them where it’s open, unlike Fly1. Just that SubZero carbon has a very long wait time. I ordered a new pair a year ago and still haven’t received them!

  9. If your headlights don’t work, could be your ballast

  10. Saw action do this one live. So sad that’s the closest I’ll get to seeing Mac live

  11. The closest I ever got to him was seeing him In downtown LA one day randomly across the street from me 🙁 I was so young, I still remember that day

  12. Ahhhh dude that’s dope. Just a quick sighting? You weren’t able to try and get a dap or say what’s up?

  13. He was surrounded by cameras, I didn’t even think he would acknowledge me so I didn’t bother :/

  14. That's a good looking car! My '08 just hit 65k! I do daily drive it but half the year it's snowing so I use my other car

  15. Good shit for buying one and teaching yourself! I learned in my first Z!

  16. You downgraded fenders, plastidipped your door handle, and chunked your back wheel on a curb?

  17. Cousin not brother ur like the fat cousin and he’s the athletic cousin

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