1. Bielsa lives in Uruguay. He probably loves their passion. Remember his name is el Loco Bielsa. It's funny to see English people talking about South American culture, you guys have no idea what's goin on. Uruguay is highly respected in South America nobody cares about that dumb German ref

  2. One of the things I miss about the Championship is Our rivalry with Millwall, losing to them was horrible though

  3. Playing them was horrible, one of the the best bits about being promoted is that we no longer have to play them

  4. No. The seats are blue. There was tons. Behind Denmarks goal in the 2nd half, it was like half empty.

  5. Pretty much every single game I’ve seen in this World Cup has loads of empty seats

  6. I can't believe neither team seem to have a drummer in the crowd, missing that drum beat.

  7. Now that’s an episode of Hi-De-Hi that would be interesting to watch

  8. ah yeah i’m sure OP is a different, better kind of homophobe than them.

  9. Then look on your Google Wallet. Not sure why OP specified an IPhone.

  10. Because they have an iPhone and knew from experience how it worked, so didn’t want to make assumptions for a different device?

  11. Can't forget Cantona and Ferdinand too...

  12. Both on FM22 and FM23 I’ve come across times where a clubs U21’s/23’s have put in a bid for a player, not the first team.

  13. If you add transfer target for young players (not good enough for the first team), DoF will bid them as U23/21/19 or reserve team as long as your youth/reserve teams transfer responsibility is assigned to you.

  14. Walker Zimmerman of Nashville SC and the starting cb for US Mens National team. Hear me out. He would provide depth and quality at reasonable price in a january market notorious for being more expensive.

  15. To get quality we need money and a summer window. Be realistic.

  16. Leeds aren't serious about winning with these CBs. They're just not at this level.

  17. ref just letting the spurs wall move forward 5 steps before it’s taken? Cool… cool…

  18. I’m sorry but if that’s not Big 6 bias corruption in it’s most obvious form I don’t know what is…

  19. Apparently you have a magic game that does the impossible. Or perhaps not. Does Moukoko play for Leeds at the start of an unmodded game? That’s a team from season 2 of a modded game.

  20. Yeah you’ve not actually taken the time to actually read what I’ve been saying.

  21. Actually, considering you’re too dense to realise that this whole comment thread was me basically asking a question about whether I’ve missed something (regarding save game compatibility), I’ll entertain you one last time.

  22. I’ve noticed across both 23 and 22 that tactics sometimes just stop working, and I’ve had to switch it up to get back to winning ways

  23. As I understand (could be wrong), isn’t firing up aimed at players who are more complacent?

  24. It really depends on how content you are with the number of leagues you want to add as being playable.

  25. I've never really added a lot of playable leagues. I've never had a powerful enough computer! I'm happy with there not being many.

  26. For perspective my laptops (Fujitsu Lifebook Ah531) specs are:

  27. Somehow managed to beat them 4-0 at home with Leeds in my first season after losing 6-2 to them away earlier in the season.

  28. I didn’t hear it at the Bournemouth game and i was in the middle of the Kop. Lots of boos though.

  29. Brentford, Sheffield United and Wolves the others

  30. Think we had one of the highest ever point totals for a newly promoted side?

  31. IIRC it was the highest points total in about 20 years. Pure unadulterated excitement

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