1. Mark my words - that Larry Cheng interview is going to make him, RC, and GME look awful. I hope he has receipts for when the edited version gets aired.

  2. So… ramp, Nintendo and Lego doing stuff… towel and Protocol Gemini doing stuff… I can’t keep up. I’m quite sure I’m going to be catatonic when we actually moon.

  3. Protocol Gemini just sucking on the sweet teet of ape hype by using rocket emojis. I mean hell they even liked a tweet mentioning launch for the rocket. If you notice today, their twitter is dead silent.

  4. idk, more stupid shit like Protocol Gemini? Did you see how awesome their "launch" was today? Oh yeah, nothingburger per the usual but I suspect it will happen SOON™

  5. What was the point of that post? Clearly they were tryna hint at Bobby right? Told all my friends about it and now I look like a regard again cause absolutely nothing happened lol

  6. lol, look at my down votes. The echo chamber has spoken proudly. Apparently they want style over substance.

  7. Trading is a tough game when you have to keep two beach balls underwater simultaneously using infinite liquidity

  8. Slam in pre-market, nice touch. Guess I get to average down my $5 May calls, thanks shorts.

  9. Well, the infinite liquidity fairies step in and do their magic, thus the high percentage of shorts every day. Nobody is selling, just one giant bag of fuk held by SHF and MMs.

  10. Nothing but infinite IOUs until the last share at DTC infinity pool is withdrawn to DRS

  11. Holup - isn't this the platform Overstock used for their NFT dividend? Guess it didn't gain much traction.

  12. i still cant believe he just blurted that out on TV lol

  13. Well he is a key part of the rug pulls after all, he should know better than anyone else

  14. Please tell me this is a good thing🙏🏼and the intentions are not to loan shares out to Wallstreet buddies…

  15. Loaning out phantom IOUs until they get DRS'd from under their feet. Sorry not sorry Blackrock

  16. The good jobs report is a sign more severe interest rate hikes are necessary. They need a recession to bring inflation down so that's what the market is responding to

  17. It's so ridiculous but if they push too hard it really will tank everything. What a time to be alive.

  18. I truly believe all those ETFs are just another way for financial industry to scam people with fractional shares in the name of “it’s affordable to everyone now”. All of them are just numbers and letters so they can sell as many as they want. It’s to keep their investment pool bigger always. The only time they really buy is when shares are transferred. Even when you retire, all they do is covert the letters and numbers to deposit your bank. Until then they are charging fees on just those letters and numbers. It’s the same as fractional reserve system. I bet all pieces of shares in all those ETFs/mutual funds/etc + whole shares of Apple (for example) are k a lot more than outstanding shares that is not even counting naked shorting/swaps/etc yet.

  19. Synthetic Prime Brokers, it's phantom securities, derivatives, and fraud all the way down. Purposefully complex to hide the criminality, PCO opened Pandora's Box for wall street boomers, their time is running out.

  20. That shit is too funny. They literally rigged the game in their favor and still they are going to lose everything 😂

  21. Just had to dig far enough to find out what is really happening. Pre Jan 2021 I didn't really take time to learn about PFOF, market makers infinite liquidity, nor direct registration.

  22. Well I had been DCA down all through 2022, just got tired of seeing it shit the bed and then with Finestone and Wang moving on I didn't feel like throwing more at it even when sub .20 cents. Hopefully this post ages terribly by 2028.

  23. Expecting the same, spike with a halt or two on no news, slammed back down, then walked down for 5 more months.

  24. That thought came to my head but I feel like the community would’ve already caught there shenanigans if that was the case. To me it seems like the company’s board has been following the GME saga this whole time and now trying to implement those exact things for there stock to see if it works or not. But I do question how they would issue a NFT dividend not having a marketplace and if GME would let them do it on there marketplace in order to collect fees and use it as a tester for their own dividend.

  25. They'll be issuing on Upstream so they don't need their own marketplace. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out, I wasn't following Overstock when that all went down a few years ago.

  26. Also, they lend your IOUs when not on margin too. Because they are not your IOUs when held in broker, you are the beneficiary but the broker hold the real IOUs which are then lent to short against your position.

  27. When in doubt zoom out. They met whatever obligations they had to 1/27 and back to shorting to ~19 where we were prior to the $4 "run".

  28. Unfortunately I'm starting to think IMX has taken the web3 torch and is running lead now. They have the games, marketplace, and soon passport. GME marketplace now seems like a middleman and the development pace, along with daily transactions, appears to have slowed considerably. Although not terribly surprising due to infancy of web3 games altogether.

  29. Probably will end up around 20 and the next days we will run for 10% and people are somehow happy about that. Really weird lately

  30. sub 20, back to where we were prior to last Friday's "run". At least I get to close my CCs for cheap.

  31. I thought it was because the announced their position trying to give shorts a heads up? It wasn't just the amount they had locked up.

  32. I hear if you put more emojis in the title it increases the bid/ask spread, just like every other day when this comes up. Fidelity ATP spread is currently .03

  33. cure your Financially Transmitted Diseases now, with our miracle cure, DRS

  34. That’s like the Mariana Trench has a Mariana Trench in it.

  35. maybe people shouldn't have moronically rushed to invest in some random cryptocurrency based off of perceived hype to try and get rich quick, all because of a few casual comments from a project member, and then blame the project member for their terrible investing decisions.

  36. To be fair it wasn't some random crypto like Doge but linked to Gamestop pre marketplace release via Matt Finestone. That being said even DCA didn't save my ass and the crypto winter sure didn't help.

  37. Are we in in Elliot Wyckoff Phase 7b yet? I hear that means steady rise back to Golden Cross, then down to purgatory wave 3c, before reaching Heavens Gate, then ride Hailey's Comet to Uranus?

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