1. There are none, slughorn teaches about the draught of living death and even ask the student to make it in class knowing there is no antidote at all.

  2. I know this get brought up a lot but love potions are magic date rape drugs.

  3. Its alright nothing special. Combat feels similar to God of War but with spell combos. The open world while beautiful feels empty. Flying is kind of jank. Decent puzzles. Overall its one of those games you can wait to go on sale unless you must have the newest game.

  4. Open world empty? Have you been exploring at all? I keep getting distracted because I always encounter caves, missions, trials, collectibles, settlements, little villages, etc.

  5. Ambition. Merlin was a Slytherin. Harry was almost. Its not all assholes.

  6. Harry was almost Slytherin only because he was an horcrux, it's a pretty major plot point that he feels too close to Voldemort in order of the Phoenix and in the end we discover there was a reason.

  7. I am very evil and will destroy every... oh look a field guide page :)

  8. What about your gryffindor character? I'm thinking of starting over with ravenclaw (only played 1 hour on my gryffindor one) and then might start a girl character for gryffindor. Hufflepuff isn't as big tho, sure it's got lots of bed rooms but only girls can access all of them, the common room tho is smallish

  9. My Gryffindor character is my main, I'm making others only to see the common rooms and after I finish my Gryffindor playthrough if i know of exclusive quests for the other houses (that aren't the Hufflepuff Azkaban one which is hardly a quest sadly) i will play them as well.

  10. I'd be fine with not being able to access girls rooms but at least make it fair and give us same amount of rooms lol ):

  11. Yeah i agree, also i just really wish we could go into other rooms, maybe even with the poly juice potion, would be so damn fun

  12. I was 4 with my best friend and with our moms, it was late and they brought us to the cinema hoping we would fall asleep watching the philosopher's stone.

  13. I’ve been walking past that secret kitchen entrance just hoping there was a way to get inside

  14. Why this makes me uncomfortable? Imagine: you are sleeping when house elves appear in the middle of nowhere cleaning.

  15. I agree, i just played horizon forbidden west and it feels natural there as well, but not to this degree honestly.

  16. Tbh i think they did an incredible job in the first 2 movies, and some parts of the HL Castle actually remind me of the Chris Columbus movie's castle, they made it too plain from the third onward.

  17. Gryffindor doesn't let you enter the girls dormitory if you're a boy, but boys have 3 rooms, girls should be the same and it should be the smallest

  18. Girls have 2 bedrooms + the open room that leads to the exit that’s all I’ve seen so far thou, might be more

  19. Wow not even 3 bedrooms? Boys have one upstairs and 2 downstairs + the zone that connects to the girls bedrooms.

  20. funny, Gryffindor was actually the last one I found..

  21. if I remember right it was something like "No entry without password"

  22. See that makes me think entering the rooms might still be an option, you can't enter the kitchens but with a side quest you eventually can, and It's the same thing, no prompt to do it until the quest

  23. Camera acceleration = 0, camera sensitivity = 2, made a huge difference for me

  24. I'm sorry for every PC gamer but i see stuff like this is pretty much the norm on PC.

  25. There are immature people in every community, sadly, but I would never laugh because most people aren't them. Vocal minorities make communities seem worse than they really are.

  26. That's exactly what I said, but i still laugh if it's nothing too serious like this time

  27. Returning to this post and it seems like we can’t. At least from my own experience and another redditor. I am not sure why so few ppl asked this tbh. They never tried going to other common room?

  28. I kept wondering until release and as of now i still can't as nothing happens when i get there.

  29. When do i unlock skills? I just finished the first potion lesson but im 10 hours in and have been exploring a lot, currently level 20 thx to exploring

  30. I swear its gonna be impossible to remember the exact layout.

  31. I'm 10 hours in, just finished the first potion lesson tho, rest of the time i did student quests and explored a lot, I'm starting to get the hang of the castle, but it's still hard to navigate and i know i can't find some places that i know are there

  32. I just put the stream on my pc going, PC muted and kept playing the game, refreshed after it ended and i got the drop.

  33. Thanks for the info! I didnt watch it to now spoil anything for myself, but will get to play in a couple of hours.

  34. I chose Gryffindor anyway as it truly reflects me and i wanted it to be true to me, but will definitely make other saves to see the other common rooms if i can't access them while being a Gryffindor, and i gotta say even our common room compared to the movies have been improved a lot, bigger, arier but cozier, looks and feels so good.

  35. Devs said you can. They even baited us somewhere with "see what happens when you enter not your common room" or sth like that.

  36. I know and i already tried, the Hufflepuff barrel doused me in vinegar, but when I get close to the entrance for both Slytherin and ravenclaw the character slows down, like I'm supposed to look for something or something could happen, but alas i don't get any prompt yet

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