1. I install these in the UK. Go to offset page and across to operator panel and it should have an option for turret test. Turn this on and use jog and MDI to clamp and unclamp the turret. If it doesn't clamp or unclamp them it's a hydraulics issue.

  2. Good to know, thank you. I am pretty sure it is the solenoid as it will index properly if I go ahead and push the little pin thing in the solenoid myself but otherwise doesn’t even make a sound and will just be stuck all day

  3. Solenoid is more than likely stuck, causing the time out issue...Try and trip the Solenoid.

  4. What do you mean by trip the solenoid? I am fairly certain the solenoid is the problem, I pushed the pin in it to kind of manually trigger/actuate it and when I do so it unlocks and indexes properly turning off the alarm in doing so. I can leave it alarming “trying” to index all day though and nothing will happen unless I go in there and trigger the thing myself. We don’t use the tailstock in this machine so I’m thinking may just swap them out for the time being so the machine isn’t down til the actual tech can come look at it.

  5. If you set the parameter write on (0->1) and go into the keep relay screen (setting-> PMC MAINT-> KEEP RELAY) you will be able to flip the keep relat that clamps the turret. I believe it is k5.4 but make sure on your Machine. It may take a few tries but rotate the turret by hand while flipping the bit on and off. you should get the clamp to seat properly. Sometimes it will be close and you will see the turret rotate just slightly and seat. You can verify it by looking at the status page and find the X address that signals the turret is clamp confirmation.

  6. This lead me in the right direction I think, I was not able to accomplish what you described through the menus but did manage to basically do what you said by manually actuating the solenoid when the timeout alarm came up/I knew the machine was attempting to do a tool change. Indexes properly and to the correct location so I am fairly certain the solenoid is just cooked 😬

  7. Thank you all so much for your responses!! A quick update for anybody interested; I have now been able to get the turret to index(and to the correct tool/position etc) by manually actuating the solenoid. If I go to the solenoids where hydraulic pressures are adjusted once the time out alarm comes on and use a small Allen key to push the valve open the turret will index. I am also able to completely free it in this way and spin it to wherever I please. A few other things I’ve noticed in this process; the turret’s solenoid does not have any power/directional indicator light like the other 2 (tailstock and chuck) solenoids. It seems to basically be dead. We do not use the tailstock on this machine, and it has 2 associated solenoids that are the exact same make and model so I think I am just going to rob the tailstock of a good one and (fingers crossed) I think it should be alright and running before the days end. If anybody else has done anything similar with solenoid stuff I’d love to hear any suggestions you might have. Thanks again!

  8. My go to DNC application is CADEM NCnet Lite.

  9. Awesome thank you, I am definitely going to be looking into this. How (if at all) do you overcome transferring to multiple different machines? I don’t see the boss man springing $1000 for software when our 20y/o dinosaur desktop “still works and with all the different lathes, right?”

  10. As previously noted, the mastercam will not work in windows 10 due to compatibility. If you just want a communication package, Predator editor will transfer to most machines, and you can setup 32 cncs with it.

  11. This sounds like precisely what I need. None of the CAD or CAM stuff will be happening on this computer, it’s sole purpose is to communicate with the lathes and the engineers and foremens’ computers where the programs are typically generated categorized etc. I cannot express enough appreciation for offering such in depth help with this, is there a best time to get in touch? I won’t be back in front of the machines until this coming Monday and could call on my lunch (12pm EST)

  12. The simplest engineering calc for this is a shear calc like I show here. A 2000 lb load puts 324 psi of stress at two locations on the 0.982 dia pin, and A36 shears at 44,000 psi.

  13. Propriety chip breaking technology, come see us at IMTS booth 69-420

  14. Idk but Tap Magic smells a lot better after it’s aged for about 6mo lol last gallon I bought I was quite upset cuz it didn’t have the smell I know and love (🤡 yes, I know I know) but lo and behold one day I grabbed the jug to make some cuts on the lathe and it was back to the same delicious Shit I know and love. So imho it’s kind of like wine, improves with age 😂 But on a more serious note, for most hobby shop type stuff cutting oil doesn’t need to be very high tech. Project Farm did a video on using all different cutting oils, and when it boils down to it anything is better than nothing, and pretty much any oil is going to be better than water for heat sinking properties as well as viscosity and ability to adhere. If it was me I’d open it up and if it’s not obviously rotting or terribly coagulated it’s probably perfectly fine and most definitely good enough for anything you might be using it for. Also not cheap. Gallon of tap magic depending on the type is 50-70usd if I remember correctly.

  15. I don’t think he’s “wrong” for all of that, buuuuut yeah. I agree with ya on this one honestly. I am diabetic, but that’s one of the last things that I’d ever really “identify” myself as. I don’t like answering dumb questions like can I have sugar or do I really take shots every day?!? I don’t like diabetes and I don’t want to identify with/as something that I don’t choose or want to be, and something that just is what it is it’s not something to be proud of. I tend to default to thinking of this kind of thing as attention seeking which I just don’t like or respect. That said, dude probably doesn’t know how to deal with it so he’s doing his best to make light and be positive about something he can’t avoid without having to feel like it’s all being internalized and he has no outlet. But again morality or whatever aside I agree with you and do not like or appreciate this kind of thing. Maybe just try to tell him you’ve been diabetic so long and heard alllllll of the crap about it so many times that you’re making an effort to keep your conversations with people about things that bring you joy and peace and while you understand and even appreciate his enthusiasm and ability to take it in stride and embrace his struggle, you find it a bit overwhelming and would love to be able to enjoy your social life without feeling like your on the Diabetic Trivia Show or like it gets to make any more obtrusive appearances in your daily living than it already inherently does.

  16. This makes so much sense. I always just thought he was an absolute gangster.

  17. This realization changes nothing about his status as a gangster, if anything it further cements it lol he is A) clearly part of a gang, the inner workings of which are not fully clear to human “authorities” and B) he is a hustler and a real G at heart and seems to be establishing himself as more of a gang leader than your average member 😬

  18. Awesome. Far better than a lot of the crap I see people selling, and the fact that I could tell what it was but was not sure how you made it til I read the comments says something. Most of the “first welded sculpture” pics I see are nut and bolt motorcycles, fish, stick figures etc. nothing wrong with any of it but I like this much more, hope you win the contest!

  19. Thank you! We have had the discussion. He feels that the bunny gets more attention than him and it genuinely bothers him. I’ve done what I can to ensure his needs are met too. I just don’t think my sweet girl needs to be treated the way she is by him because he feels left out. I moved out of state to be with him for a year to save money for law school. Whenever I go back home, Hop will be coming with me because we’re just so bonded. It breaks my heart to think that when we leave, he won’t even miss us.

  20. He’s a human. He can (presumably) take care of himself. Bunnies as we are well aware here and often see second hand or even first hand with abandoned buns, do not have the same ability. As domestic animals they pretty much need us to take care of their basic needs and give them love etc. sounds like there may not be a solution involving him, but maybe suggest he partake in her care with you so he doesn’t have to feel left out or whatever and maybe he will be able to see how wonderful they are and all bond together to some extent. I am going through similar stuff with my girlfriend, only she is the one who originally wanted a bunny over a year ago. I of course fell in love and have since gotten her a bonded buddy and do my best to provide a happy wholesome enriching and full life to them. She now refuses to do anything to help out with bunny chores, refuses to help pay for any of the inherent costs (vet, food, hay, time+effort) despite the fact that she has plenty of disposable income since she contributes nothing to rent electric or basically anything else and even though she has lots of free time and could definitely do at least a few chores here and there if she wanted me to be more available to her but instead chooses to get upset with me for doing what needs to be done for the rabbits, walking the dogs, grocery shopping etc on top of working 50~hr a week “instead” of spending time with her and makes sideways resentful comments about the animals. While I do love her, our relationship is seriously declining and breakup seems pretty much inevitable. It’s not even that I’m choosing the animals over her, it’s the fact that she(and your bf, it seems) is so self absorbed and has herself on such a pedestals that she feels ENTITLED to my time regardless of her own effort or lack thereof to meet the basic needs of “us” collectively pets included and so irrational as to actually expect me to choose not to care for my pets so that I can spend more time “doting” on her 🤷‍♂️

  21. What’s skookum about a 4 1/2 angle grinder cutting some plate small enough for a single person to handle? Isn’t skookum supposed to be… big?

  22. Get a consolidation loan. That will allow you to channel all cc debt into one payment while also stopping the late fees you’re incurring now. Interest rates are typically lower with a consolidation loan rather than trying to pay each card individually at higher rates. The money you save on interest from a lower rate can be used to help pay off debt faster.

  23. Damn big (and complex looking) indeed, what material? Looks like aluminum from the pic

  24. Have had my chips for 7 years now? I just brush em regularly, clean em with a damp rag when dirty, and wash em with saddle soap when really dirty (have only done that twice). Other than that just moisturize with moisturizer. I found Lexol (for car seats) to be the best. Good luck

  25. This is what I like to hear, I hope to still be wearing these come Jan. 1st 2033 lol thanks for the advice I’ll look into Lexol

  26. Nice boots. They couldn't fit another logo on the vamp, though? Weak.

  27. Yeah you’re right, you know what they’re really missing though is a Ram or Harley logo 🤣

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