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  1. Thank you very much this is working perfectly with infuse on ipad pro with real debrid

  2. I never used stremio on ios. Do you load up the website in safari and when you try to play media, it would launch in infuse?

  3. Yes exactly, open the adress provided in safari and you can even use add to home screen so that it will have an icon like an app, log in to your account and when you have the sources and click play the infuse will run it automatically with subtitle support etc. important part is you need infuse pro but its like 0,99 a month/9,99 a year so worth it for ios support. I have real debrid so did not try it with normal sources fyi

  4. We will be watching your career with interest

  5. So getting to the first blood is going to be even less beneficial and the party dumb enough to die first isn't going to get punished as much? I already felt like respawn times in early game were low wtf

  6. They are increasing the spawn time in early game

  7. They’re not increasing them. They’ve made it so you respawn faster after dying.

  8. No they increased it early game and reduced late game

  9. Does heal slow enemy? Does heal come every 40s? I don’t think so

  10. People in reddit never cease to amaze me. I did not say heal is better than smite; i did not say they should have auto smite, i just said if your only concern with smite is the heal when you are 1hp the heal spell does the same

  11. And people like you amaze me with how one sided one could be. First reply was talking about make play potential. Smite comes in a package, heal is just one of them. And let’s say heal is the only concern. It’s cd is hella long dont you think? Do you want a 120s or 40s on healing?

  12. Dude i already explained what i mean, the original comment is still there you can read it: using the smite on a minion/jungle camp when on 1 hp to survive. It doesnt talk about the slow in smite, doesnt talk about smite is better than other summoner spells etc just one scenario and i replied heal does the same for escape with one hp. You put too much meaning on a reddit comment.

  13. I was hoping for Kenobi. Why are you here?

  14. And as a kata main i can say in ranked being smart with kata is really hard, positioning and timing is everything to wait enemy burn their cds etc. of course against bad teams its a button mash

  15. If I ever return, I am going to straight up record my screen while writing and wait for them to accuse me of wrongdoing. We'll see how they like lawyers.

  16. Chatgpt is on another screen off the camera angle and you type what you see. Smart my man

  17. 19 pentas 12 in ranked and 96 quadra. Mostly with kata and master yi

  18. They have pretty good chemistry together. I'd like to see them on screen together but I'm not sure if that would screw things up, in canon.

  19. League and casual don't go together bro, what are you on about ?

  20. It is casual when you dont give a shit about trolls and just enjoy it. It is clearly not casual for you.

  21. Ooo a yordel team would be fun Kennen top veigar mid lulu supp Tris adc Teemo jung hahahah

  22. We did this once in random solo q in LoL years ago it was hillarious but i went ziggs mid instead of veigar

  23. I got 5 braum skins which i have never played in my life so…

  24. I see a lot in ranked dia tbh but support is not my style and if autofill i prefer leona to go full engage mode kill or die

  25. Good for you mate i was sick of it so i got myself a ps5

  26. I am currently at emerald with 64 percent win and 90 %of the lost games i was svp. I know it doesnt show anything but i didnt suck at those games. Last game i was decent and i am normally a dia 2 guy but my lane opponent was really really good. I didnt lose the lane and We won the game and checked the guys profile and he was a GM all seasons but was on a 7 lost streak. That guy doesnt deserve to loose that much but in the end he will climb back and i will stay in dia hell lol

  27. Switched from mid to solo and going with a 64% win rate every game is mvp/svp in emerald now. I love Mundo and the fact that low elos dont know how to play against it

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