1. Is not the same at all, but you can close your eyes and listen to The Analogues… this is the closest to the original.

  2. Thank you so much, I will send this on for him.

  3. I’m never going to unsee that on an A380 😂

  4. lol this was the first thing came to my mind

  5. The latest minutes of The Bridges of Madison County

  6. I have it on Mac too but never used it. All my work is on ipad

  7. Damn for $7(cad) looks like a fun app to try out. Just tried download it but get a message “item is currently being modified. Try again later”…I guess I’ll try again later.

  8. It goes free sometimes, maybe this is the issue you have. BTW, this is the best app for color grading on mobile, without any doubt

  9. Ha…the issue was the opposite. They must’ve been updating it because the price just went up like $1.50

  10. Lol sorry then. Anyway it’s worth for the regular price It’s the best mobile app

  11. No probs! Also, Lumafusion has a videoscope function with the latest update so it’s great to for this. We have a Lumafusion discord if you want to check it out. Let me know if you want to join and will drop the invitation link

  12. Sweet yeah I’ve been getting LumaFusion and VideoLUT as answers to this question so I’m gonna check them both out. Can’t hurt to join a discord I’m down!

  13. Listen to music when you are down. This is what I always do when I’m down

  14. Nice job! You are a master with drums, subbed! Are you using the Lumafusion beta version and the multi cam feature?

  15. Cool effect! Thanks for sharing. BTW you can export as png (transparency) from procreate deselecting the base layer, no needing to have the green background.

  16. I think if you want to add cool premade effects to every video then CapCut is your best option, LumaFusion IMO is better if you want make more formal videos and more complex in the technical sense. Also, the UI is more easy to understand in a classic way.

  17. Greetings from Spain to you all! I have family there, so I’m going to stay tuned. Be safe and healthy! Edit:grammar

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