1. That guy that got KO'd. His friends shut up real quick when they saw who did it

  2. Dance of Cloaks by David Dalglish. As far as I remember. Read it years ago

  3. Reborn Apocalypse. Though there is some timey-wimey stuff in there ad it is regression litpg. But I think you'll like it. Otherwise: defiance of the fall Randidly Ghosthound Are my first, quick thoughts

  4. The only suggestion that hasn't been posted that i know of is Renegade Immortal. A long xianxia where the mc starts off as an underdog then gets OP but as he travles, finds more powerful adversaries to contend with

  5. Trojan Nightmare by Blaise Corvin. Only 2 books so far. Maybe also Solo Levelling. Haven't read it but it seems the type.

  6. it has horrible reviews!is it that bad? or some people didnt like it and started the bad reviews?

  7. It's xianxia heavy, a few spelling and grammatical errors, but I'm a xianxia and litrpg fan so I enjoy it. On the plus side, it is completed and hella long

  8. It's mostly the, "Chosen one" I'm a hero and do the right thing part or the first female he meets he falls in love and finds out she's an elven princess and has fallen in love with his pop culture references. Whichever shows up first, whisper is usually the first chapter thankfully. I abandon the story and find something else

  9. So far I 100% agree. Haven't read book 7 yet because of that

  10. Mark of the fool. More of a workaround but also exploit

  11. Iron Prince by Bryce O'connor and Luke Chmilenko sounds like what you are looking for.

  12. I don't like the MCs rants and how his verbal diarrhoea somehow impresses people. But if you skip through that stuff, great series

  13. 4 and 3 should be swapped imo. They are similar but Jake manages to delegate better and it's a more balanced progression, where as far as I've read Zac has to do everything himself. Maybe it changes later but at this moment I they they should swap places

  14. Best, and my Favourite to date. Also my favourite blooper as well '

  15. That spoiler conjured up a very vivid and hilarious mental image when I read it lmao. The character in question just headbanging away :D

  16. Also wasn't Elder Whisper rumoured to be able to hide from Monarchs? Or am i remembering wrong

  17. I think you mean this. Not confirmed that it is Whisper. He is snowfox I think.

  18. Yup. This is it. I read a theory that Juwei was Elder Whisper

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