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  1. not a good one lmfao. my bad I mean HAHAHAHAAA did u guys see that?!! he made a joke.. saying that was the last BOGO HAHAHAHA omg that was a really good joke bro, it got me rolling lmfao

  2. not using any mods, and the connect spots of the concourse doesn't even pop up

  3. Is is possible because you use the upgrade tool rather than the line/curve?

  4. Bingo, i feel like an idiot now cause ive been so lost for the past hour xD

  5. first time ive seen a reversed template

  6. My first ever gfuel flavor was Rainbow Sherbet and tbh i wouldn't change it

  7. Wasn't a fan of it when I originally had it in water but I have another packet of it coming in soon, So I intend to give it another chance in milk

  8. My current favorite flavor, Its super smooth and refreshing imo

  9. Somebody gave me their about 2/3rd gone MAW Energy (the green apple one) because he knew I liked Gfuel and drink all kinds of energy drinks. Its not bad, blends in water way, way better than G Fuel. Its a much tinier scoop, but packs the same caffeine level. I'd buy another one just to try another flavor, I'm not loyal to 1 brand. I also did some pre workouts before like C4 and some GNC brand ones. They were fine, but they were more of a pre workout kinda deal.

  10. Lol I just hit "reply" and by default is quoted the whole thing

  11. Its a pretty sweet flavor, tastes spot on

  12. idk who it’s “intended” for but i would say 50% of the purchases are from parents. And it’s obvious most of the members in this sub and discord are kids.

  13. never said that wasn't the case, I'm just saying that Gfuel isn't MEANT for kids because people under the age of 18 don't need caffeine + It could possibly damage their health

  14. U said this post wasnt worth making and i explained to u why it is worth making. Now what are u talking about? Are u one of the kids? lol

  15. literally responded to the points you made and youre acting as if im pulling topics out my ass lmfao

  16. Ten tubs in and finally find out about the "interesting" marketing tactics and how mister gfuel defended himself but another mango flavor is the only thing I'd fork up more money for

  17. It's just too light for me, personally.

  18. Is the juice good I’m thinking about getting it next bogo

  19. I think its a solid flavor, I mainly get strong watermelon taste with the smallest hint of orange.

  20. It's an ongoing thing that people do as a send off to a tub

  21. what is it about the juice that makes it ur favorite, to me it tastes like a dirtier version of watermelon idk maybe watermelon and fruit punch isnt a good mix for me cuz i dont mind brain drive as much

  22. Well everyone has different tastes, I personally enjoy it cause it's a really strong watermelon with a hint of orange. I love almost every kind of fruit tbh plus its really refreshing when cold

  23. Started to open tub with fingernail, got bumped. Then fingernail got caught between lid plastic and base of the tub plastic. It basically “unraveled” as it fell to the ground. I just decided rather than half a ripped label on take it all off.

  24. That is something I wouldn't wish upon even my worst enemy. Incredibly unlucky

  25. Pewdiepie: I’ve heard tremendous reviews on this flavor. I mean come on, it’s Pewdiepie we’re taking about! The feedback on this flavor is absolutely enormous so I had to pick it up in the BOGO. When I first received it I instantly tried it and well… I absolutely loved it! It taste very sweet with a tint of sourness. While the flavors are split with sweet and sour, it’s not quite like candy. Instead it taste like a non-bitter version of cranberry’s. The flavor is absolutely amazing for people who love exotic fruit flavors! 10/10. Ps. It taste better without ice.

  26. couldn't have described the flavors better myself xD

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