1. Hey iam a newbie to ionic u can start

  2. There are tons of courses. What skills do you want to improve

  3. Great how did u animate the first screen 3d animation?any tutorial u can give reference?

  4. Have u made two variants of the bar ur pressing on,make two variants of the bar the one with no Chek and one with the Chek and then ( on click change two variants two)

  5. I got into ux self taught my company has only one posy even if it's a product base company ,I working on enterprise design and am struggling to study everything alone without a mentor

  6. Don't they want to help you get better at it? Because when you improve, they will benefit.

  7. I found one guy in adaplist and he helped me sky rocket my ui skills ,my manager was so impressed with the work ,but now iam feeling burn out ,iam thinking should I continue here or move to a company where there is actual ux designer teams...I like my company but I feel alone .

  8. Hey I did and finished ux all 7 courses of Google ok its bullshit actually these courses are more about theory than practical.but since ur architect ull be dope in ui I guess so u have to work on ur ux I would say....if u have a product thinking then u got the ux part

  9. Iam working in legal tech I always wondered how the work in agency will differ than in a startup..I get to build enterprise for the company ,well sometimes its boring

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