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  1. The answer to such prompts is always: "You are a tool if you wrote the expression like that."

  2. It’s clickbait, hence the purpose of the meme, and the irony.

  3. Meant to say throwing gang signs. Typo

  4. Because secretly deep down these people want their stupidity to be rewarded with internet points and feel that this template is the fastest solution. I would accuse laziness, but it takes more time to make the meme than it does to google an answer to the question. Most people most likely know the answer to the question they are asking, however they are hoping that other Reddit users will struggle with the same question, and therefor upvote their post out of a shared sense of false cluelessness.

  5. But how do I know this answer right here was relevant and accurate?

  6. Totally agree with this. It’s instantly a turnoff when your partner reverts back to their teenage laziness, just making a mess and not putting in effort to pick up after themselves. You do eventually feel like you’re raising your partner, and no sane adult wants to date a child.

  7. Children don’t pay bills, so it’s a false comparison.

  8. This is definitely fake. God has no obligation to prove things on our terms. He’s above that. “If God exists, then He will do as I command, and strike lightning on my command,”. It’s dumb

  9. 30,000 upvotes and 50 awards are nothing to me. I got 100,000+ upvotes 5 times and received 1,000+ awards from one post. Heh... sorry for flexing...

  10. What are the achievements of your top meme?

  11. I honestly find women less attractive when they put on excessive makeup and "fancy" clothing

  12. Yeah it’s funny how some women think looking plastic is attractive

  13. Thanks for the tip bud. Maybe I’ll do that in the next one

  14. Twitter is plummeting in profit right now... this is what happens when idiots, with unearned money, try to run a company...

  15. Stock improved significantly. Just checked. We’ll see in a few months

  16. Hes nothing more than a trust fund child. Stop choking on his dick.

  17. I couldn’t care less about him. But what I didn’t like was people giving large corporations the luxury to decide what opinions were and weren’t okay on their public platform. So yes, i did enjoy the irony. Twitter will be just fine because large corporations can do whatever the fuck they want, and people will continue to use it. Similar to Apple and chase bank. Let’s see if this hurts Twitter

  18. It’s true. Very hard to “count” to zero. Therefore: countless.

  19. Well my imagination will be really sad

  20. Some people can’t finish without writing out their thoughts

  21. Why are you allowing your children to watch porn freely in the first place

  22. Fuck this argument. It's like saying getting in a relationship and hiring a hooker is the exact same thing

  23. More like one night stands and hookers.

  24. Funniest one I’ve ever heard on this sub, lmao

  25. But the second one isnt correct 🤓

  26. It’s all correct. Which one specifically?

  27. Ok if you say so but look where your last comment is

  28. Both are correct. But “please take one,” has a better meaning. So I’ll give you that.

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