1. Don’t mess with Peter when he stops cracking jokes

  2. New York criminals have a saying to just give up if Spidey isn't cracking jokes.

  3. Just got those two yesterday. MJs ass is thicc as hell, like damn. Not even my Black Widow fig has one like MJs.

  4. It’s comic confirmed so it’s accurate that MJ has a dump truck ass

  5. Fair point, not complaining, I just thought it was hilarious. They gave Pete a thick ass too.

  6. Ronnie James Dio after Rainbow and Black Sabbath, Ozzy too, after Sabbath.

  7. Holy shit Toys R Us still exists?? The one in my town got shut down, I thought all of them had gone out of business.

  8. Theres custom makers on Ebay, Etsy etc. I couldnt tell you anyone specific but try looking there.

  9. Black Sabbath starts playing softly in the background. Metal as fuck!

  10. Shame that he doesn't get into cool poses as well as General Skywalker, despite that figure reusing half this one but still a cool figure.

  11. Despite whether or not the show is good, nobody was asking for Andor, even people who liked Rogue One. Mandolorian took off because it was new yet still familiar, along with a cool designed character and cute sidekick. Book of Boba had it issues but it would have done well regardless because people know who Boba is, same goes for Obi-Wan. Cassian is a fine character but he doesn't have the same pull that the others do.

  12. Loads of people won't shut up about wanting a gritty Star Wars show like Rogue One. Now they got one, people say no one asked for it.

  13. I personally never asked for it. Liked the character and Rogue One well enough but never cared enough for a prequel show, no matter how good it is, but Im glad its good for the people who wanted it. Im personally still waiting on a Clone Wars style show for the OT crew and others set after ep6 or set in the Sequel era to help flesh it out more.

  14. You should be able to do it once you reach the lvl of friendship you need.

  15. I would like to add to your post that in Crystal: Phanpy, Poliwag, Growlithe and Teddiursa are all available early too. Completely forgot about Jigglypuff in Route 46 since they removed that in Crystal which is my most replayed.

  16. Felt the same way about the VS seeker in BDSP.

  17. The only problem I have with Sinnohs is that aside from a few trainers, none of the NPCs have Pokemon that offer enough exp to make rematches worth while and in the remakes I never felt the need to really grind thanks to the Exp Share affecting everyone.

  18. I think part of it is it feels like actually raising your Pokémon. You see them and use them in battle more, versus simply shoving some XL candy down their throat and watching a Pokémon gain 60 levels instantly. Obviously the grind is greatly reduced and it helps a lot with stuff like dex completion. However I do think there is a certain charm of battling with and raising your Pokémon slowly.

  19. Later generations still made most Johto mons a pain to use, most people forget that a decent amount of Johto Pokemon are available in Hoenns Safari Zone which is cool, but why bother using them when there will be a Gen 3 or Gen 1 Pokemon that can do the job better. Johto is my favourite region along with many of the Pokemon, but it really suffers from being an extension of Kanto instead of its own thing. For me the biggest gripe is how so many gen 2 Mons are obtained, either pain in the ass evolution methods or they are available too late in the game to be worth it. Crystal tried to fix that a bit but there was still issues from Gold/Silver themselves.

  20. Snorlax comes to mind, the Kanto fossils, the Johto Legendaries all come to mind for me.

  21. How good is this game? I enjoyed Digimon world 1 and 2.

  22. The combat gameplay is more Pokemon/Golden Sun/JRPG style, very story focused but overall a very good game.

  23. Its cool that its Vice City, but the whole magic of the original was the 80s setting. The look, the sounds, the music, cars and clothes all helped set the tone, plus the stellar voice cast. Doing a new one in the modern day is not really hype for me. Also doesn't help the Housers arent involved anymore so I know it will feel like something is missing.

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