1. This is great news. I am so happy for her, Jeremy, and their family.

  2. The flop then the in the back? Yeah how did they miss it

  3. The general tv delay is approx 7 seconds if I remember correctly plus however behind your steam is

  4. Players doing their best to prove it should have been played at marvel

  5. Not a pretty game, but I'll take the four points. Nuffies need to stop booing JHF it's just classless.

  6. Just googled it and it has high ratings!!! Will check it out

  7. Same 4th wall breaking, much lighter but a really good show.

  8. What if the rotation of the ball was such that it completely clears the line (and at that moment is a goal), then as it rotates it hits the backside of the post (or the flag)

  9. Yes if it has cleared the line first it's a goal.

  10. I don't remember. But what I recall it got the flag on the way through

  11. This is exactly why I don't bet. My tipping record is bad enough without putting money on the line.

  12. Elite banter from the Brayshaw bowl medallist.

  13. I'm so here for Eric using classic YouTube click bait to title his videos.

  14. was planning to do it just for the first 24 hours or so bc i thought it would be hype af when people realized what i was watching, but it turns out clickbait still works bc the views are through the roof lmao - eric

  15. Lol, I love it. I'm excited for more chaos to ensue!

  16. I'm too lazy to turn on the tap. Toilet water it is!

  17. That’s amazing. Sounds like everyone got out of school early that day

  18. Didn't get out early, but everyone did miss a couple of periods.

  19. That’s boring. Next time just overcook some popcorn then pull the fire alarm.

  20. It was kind of perfect for our year. We set off the fire alarm like 5 times from kids burning toast, etc.

  21. I'm not a city supporter, but I still thought it was great to see, especially wroth city essentially being Richmond's main rival through the show.

  22. I am not a city supporter either but yeah loved this cameo cause it was long overdue as you said city being the main rival. Btw there's also a teaser of the show that I came across a few days ago where Ted interacts with Murinho on phone. The fact that real footballers and coaches making apperance is what makes the show even more special

  23. Yeah, Richmond have played and beat the epl team I support, and I loved it. It's so much fun having those aspects in the show that make it that little bit more special.

  24. Perfect person. It's a funny call-in advice show.

  25. Little Miss Sunshine. Maybe not underrated but really underseen. Amazing movie.

  26. That it's okay to cut people out of your life

  27. Rashid Khan is going to finish his career as the best t20 player in history.

  28. Lucky the kings birthday is the same day as the queens /s

  29. I don't know what's better watching our season being kept alive or Big Sam hating life.

  30. I swore that was off from the other angle

  31. How much of this season has Jonas been banned for so far?

  32. Move over Clarkson, Ratten is in town

  33. I just really think we should keep politics out of sport /S

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