1. I find it way easier to just buy one every week

  2. Skull cavern using stairs to deep dive which you can trade jade for (farmed in crystalariums) at the desert trader on sundays. Go at least 70. I go 150-200. Deeper you go, the more iridium nodes you'll find. Bomb those floors. Dont stop at lower floors unless they are treasure floors. Restart the day if you dont get enough/what you want

  3. If it’s a physical problem, you may be able to get moved. Talk to leadership.

  4. Not to my knowledge. All of my management are potheads.


  6. Everyone is different (depending on how much fat you can tolerate). I personally aim for <30g a day, and if a bit of that is made up of a dish with a little olive oil in it, my body usually doesn't mind too much (though I'm always in some level of pain lately, so it's often hard to tell what exactly bothers me or not).

  7. I do use olive oil in small amounts. I’ve never had an issue with it. But I also don’t usually eat greasy or things heavy on cream or butter. I roast potatoes and sweet potatoes with a drizzle of olive oil and salt and pepper. Unfortunately, there are others in this group who have lots of issues with any kind of oil.

  8. Look up the pancreatitis cook book on Pinterest it gives you some great ideas. I’ve been making my own salad dressings and there actually pretty great. Stick to chicken breast no skin, veggies, fruits I know this sounds like crap but you can make things flavorful. Eat small meals instead of 3 big meals. That will help

  9. So lipase levels are really only specifically diagnostic of acute pancreatitis. Reference ranges also vary wildly from facility to facility and require a level 3-10+ times for that diagnosis. With AP you’d really expect a lipase 300+ but usually into the thousands. Generally. Obviously there are rare exceptions. Chronic pancreatitis can present with low levels (like 0-6) but generally that is used to correlate with other clinical indications like visible chronic damage & a history of AP and/or functional or genetic factors.

  10. Thanks for this mine came back at 140 and was freaking out. She said to stick to a diet low fat and drink plenty of fluid. I’m a hypochondriac at hear bc both my dad and brother died at a early age so I’ve been on calonzopam for my entire life. So that number is normal to a certain extent I guess bc my doctor didn’t really say much else.

  11. You need to see more doctors. In the meantime, avoid alcohol/smoking and go on a low-fat diet. No fried foods and I’d avoid red meat.

  12. My advice would be to take it one step at a time. I am not a doctor, but the things you are describing seem like they could be attributed to many, many things (or just normal daily fluctuations in how you feel). Is your only symptom right now a drop of oil in one BM and lack of appetite? What specific blood tests were elevated? Do you have a history of AP attacks or a CP diagnosis? In either case, I would discuss your specific concerns with your doctor.

  13. I had ap flare up two years ago due to drinking. I’ve been sober for two years now and I was eating earthier when I left the er. Then I started to taper off and eat whatever and then recently I was getting these mild pains not like a 3 out of 10. So I went to the doctors she said let’s do some blood work and that was that. She didn’t even bother to touch my abdomen and when she got the results she didn’t seem too concern. She just gave me those two things to do for feedback and that was that. No follow up or nothing.

  14. Thanks everyone. I’ve been freaking out was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis bc of my drinking two years ago and been sober since but gradually been eating like a trash goblin and recently my doctor said my numbers were slightly elevated so I need to go back to eating healthy Agian.

  15. OK, that is similar to what I am trying to follow too. I'm trying to stick to under 30g/day, but some folks on here can tolerate more or less. I avoid red meat personally as the fat content is high and it causes issues for me.

  16. Pfds took that shit breaded it and made it into Mac and cheese bits for the hot bar.

  17. Just the 30 needed, anything more is optional in NE region as far as I know

  18. No. If you care that much, then don't do it. You people have issues.

  19. It’s more of a time constraint. 2 kids full time job one is 3 the other one and I never get to play. Just figured I would get some good gear then move on.

  20. It’s nothing new. Been with the company for 12 years. They’ve always done this and people in all regions are happy to help donate to a cause like this. Quit making this about you and help others. Everyone perceives things the wrong way on this thread. If you don’t have the pto then don’t donate. Does anyone know if other big major corporations are doing the same thing?

  21. It all depends where. If a store is really short staffed and you are in good terms I would allow it to help out another location.

  22. If they have people who are not working, then supervisors need to put on their supervisor hats and do the fucking jobs they are being paid to do. If someone is way too slow or out dicking around then fire them. Don't let management trick you into pulling ANYONE ELSE'S weight. Management needs to keep only the right people and TRAIN them properly.

  23. You seem like a fun person to work with I bet your filled with joy when clocking in for the day.

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