1. If you're curious why you're getting downvoted, it's because you come off as a cunt

  2. That’s cause he is a cunt plain and simple. This whole post is just him trying to show off and get some kind of praise for spending four thousand dollars on an ascetically pleasing modification on his car. Big ol cunty cunt if you ask me.

  3. There's nothing cunty about posting your car mods, even if you do want attention. He's a cunt because of the way he articulates himself

  4. What. In. The. Actual. FUCK! I’m speechless, I have no words.

  5. You know, if I had cleaner floors I’d try this. I always find myself setting 5 alarms on different devices so I have to get up to turn them off. Then I have the overwhelming urge to go back to bed and go back to sleep because it was just so good.

  6. They look like those cheap Lofthouse Cookies that are icing and

  7. To be fair, those are Fucking amazing. I might eat one if I found a package on the ground.

  8. So yea, it’s clear it had a new head swapped into it. Maybe they had a valve job done on that one.

  9. Are you Fucking kidding? Are you really asking professionals here if duct tape is up to code? Come on Op your better than that.

  10. No, that's not what I asked at all. Read the post.

  11. Dude come to 🇺🇸 sometime. I literally just got done driving around out tubed bias ply tires from the 70s that where still on my 66 mustang. Put about 700 miles on them.

  12. No sorry i’m staying here. Not even I can fly there and put sense in your head, mate.

  13. Hey look on the bright side, they are off now, didn’t have an accident with them on. Plus bias ply tires last a whole lot longer than radials. Pair that with inner tubes in the tires and they last decades.

  14. Let's say I ran the bad gas or gas diesel mix, wrong gas, what have you, for 70 miles, because I had no choice, after the fill-up and the CEL illuminated and misfiring began. That wouldn't kill said 4 cyl gasser?

  15. Correct, 70 miles on a misfiring engine isn’t going to hurt it. Just as long as it REALLY IS fuel related.

  16. I’ve first hand run contaminated fuel on purpose in beater cars. Ever heard of junkyard gas? Yea that’s used fuel contaminated with everything under the sun. I don’t need to do research because I have FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE. I’ve literally mixed charcoal lighter fluid with gas to get me home because it’s the only thing I had in the trunk. You have no idea what the hell your talking about and your trying to come up with a reason for bad gas to be the cause when frankly it’s not. You know what I want you to think it’s bad gas. The fact your wrong pleases me. Your going to waste hours of your time thinking it’s bad gas, you’ll waste hundreds if not thousands of dollars trying to fix something that isn’t the issue. Go ahead and think what you want.

  17. You think it says to cut this out if the part is damaged due to wear from road salt? That’s my biggest takeaway from this post.

  18. You even try to lower it the OEM way first? Yea these get bound up, but I’ve seen worse work fine.

  19. Fun time to mention that blue is the absolute worst color of light for a sleeping brain to witness. It immediately shuts down production of melatonin, but hey how else would you be able to know if something is plugged in? I’m

  20. Wait, how is this even supposed to work? They have only one wire hooked up to this bullshit. Do they think touching 120v hot while being totally insulated from ground or neutral is going to hurt the squirrels?

  21. Yea that’s not really how you do it. For classic cars you need someone in person to appraise the car or someone that can judge its condition based on pictures. The vin number literally tells you NOTHING about the value of the vehicle when punched into websites.

  22. Is this for some lab application? Only reason I could possibly see this being used. Glass P trap used to catch chemicals that would otherwise eat through any other material?

  23. Here I’ll do the actual math here. A drop of water is considered to be around 0.05 mL. Since oil tends to cling to a dipstick more than water, we can estimate there are around 5 drops of oil on the dipstick. That equates to 0.25mL per dipstick pull and wipe. So to go through 1mL of oil you’d have to pull the dipstick 4 times. There are 946.353 milliliters in a quart. Let’s say your engine takes 5 quarts of oil, that gives us 4,731mL of oil, let’s multiply that by four to give us our grand total of dipstick pulls to go through 5 quarts of oil, that’s 18,927.06.

  24. Except the dipstick have less oil on it each time you pull it, until it reach 0.

  25. Your right, it’s a non linear equation. Since your pulling less oil up on the dipstick as the oil level drops, that means you’d have to pull the dipstick more times to get the same amount of oil out. So technically in a real world application, you’d have to pull the dipstick even more and you’d really never get to the end since dipsticks really never touch the bottom of the pan. So the answer is infinity, you’d never actually reach the end fully depleting the oil in the pan.

  26. Charge the battery then report back. Lithium ion tools are a lot different than the old nicd rechargeable tools. Tools powered by nicd batteries would start to slow down as the battery was depleted, eventually they would slow down so much that they weren’t usable and that was the time to charge the battery. Nowadays we have lithium ion technology, this battery chemistry can not handle being drained to 0% like nicd batteries. So there are electronics in the drill that shut off the tool when they determine that the battery has been used as much as safely possible. Sometimes you’ll be using the tool, there will be no indication the battery is going dead, then boom tool stops, now it’s time to charge the battery. Charge the battery then see what you get.

  27. Hmm .... just thinking out loud but hall effect sensor. I say that because brushless the speed is going to be determined by the operator pressing the trigger (a potentiometer), from there more juice flows from the battery to the brain box and to the motor, as a check on the motor the hall effect sensor will double check. So it is checking the position relative to the speed.

  28. You guys are overthinking this. The battery is simply just dead. Op needs to charge the battery and the drill should work fine. The battery is at that threshold voltage right now. It’s dead enough to trigger the low voltage shut off when higher current is used (IE full throttle on the trigger), but not dead enough to trigger that low voltage cut off with a very small current draw such as slowly pressing the trigger.

  29. Looks like quite a few upper deckers have been laid here.

  30. This one is actually well done. At least it seems to be air tight.

  31. It wasn't. Look at the black on the oil pan. But the top weld is much better than the bottom one.

  32. Oh damn, I missed that big ol soot stain. Thought it was just some oil seepage.

  33. It's called allignment...thank you very much 😂

  34. No an alignment is what you get after getting new suspension components put on your car.

  35. My hometown is in rural MS, and we have a surprisingly large population of African Americans with albinism because they have lived here for 100 years and had families. It was totally normal to have at least 1 in my class at all times. It was really fucked up to later learn that they are killed in some places in Africa. They should send those witch doctors to Mississippi and let them try that bullshit. It would put an end to that shit real quick.

  36. We’ll get that damn exhaust sorted out before you do anything else.

  37. Bullshit. He must have tied the trigger down and why was he filming…totally scripted.

  38. These don’t have a trigger. It’s just a wand, you can see the handle if you look at the few first frames of the video. It’s just a grip like on a baseball bat, no trigger to be found. Your supposed to pick up the wand and hold it then press the button.

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