1. You get one galatur for free from that achievement where you don't kill anything in a legendary secret map. Other than that, you can open him from a legendary card pack or selector pack

  2. Wait what achievement? Can I still kill the boss? Can ido that on a tier 1 map?

  3. iirc it's called legendary pacifist and you can use a legendary tier 1 map, just run through to the end and leave without killing any mobs.

  4. All you did was retype the effects already stated in game without providing any real insight ?

  5. Maybe your ip or ip provider was blocked by ags for whatever reason should probably contact support

  6. I actually think pugs are better than statics, at least for me. During clown prog week my static was stuck on g3 for 2 days before being disbanded (static creator just deleted the discord server without any notice lul), and I've been pugging+clearing every week so far (I don't make my lobbys either I just apply to random reclear parties)

  7. I would see videos of people doing tiger strike on clown with 30 mil crit back damage, I average 8 mil doing the same thing with crit. We both had similar builds

  8. How do you crit LTS for 8mil while having entropy + kbw + all those other damage engravings? Just from crit damage alone you (should) have 305% which would mean your white number is around 2.6mil which seems incredibly low.

  9. Think of each saw position as a lane and say the saw is moving up and the distance from that saw to the bottom edge of its spawn point is a decent gap (meaning a new saw will spawn soon), then you can follow the saw upwards (staying in the same lane) until there is an open path for you to continue moving towards clown

  10. farm for them when youre at a time waiting for moake to spawn, thats what i used to do back then

  11. I'm pretty sure the damage reflect from purple shield is from where you are respective to it

  12. How about melee skills which move you forward?

  13. As long as your character isn't standing directly in front of the shield you won't trigger damage reflect

  14. You need to work on your buff rotation, it's pretty bad.

  15. The most fun thing about your crypost is that you could have clear as 3man vykas stagger balls even without timestop.

  16. how are you gonna say its weird for a support to look at a teammate's health bar when it's literally their role to make sure they stay alive

  17. Why would the choice be between cd or adrenaline if you say that flash heat fang and sweeping kick are guarenteed to crit? Wouldn't the choice be between cd and increase mass?

  18. I pushed AT scouter to 1445 with 4x3+1 (would be 5x3 +1 if I completed a second legendary combat book) and immediately regrerted it, but at least I made my money back from accessories - byebye pheon tho.

  19. It just didn't feel satisfying to play imo. I tried out both the 4/2/2 and 3/3/2 build in trixion and preferred using the latter because strategic fire felt underwhelming to use.

  20. i believe the people who were parroting for the "dps check" were those trying to brute force past the hp curse to trigger each mario phase.

  21. For me, I use 3 spender for every content so far except for kakul saydon. Maybe it's because my pugs can't push enough dps in G3, but for that gate I find it extremely hard to fit in BF, especially when I also have to use skills to kill the balls/flame tower.

  22. I was under the impression that you couldn't, but then I saw my pug do it and live some how? Maybe he was slightly off the hitbox range

  23. so if it would be my new main would be worth, right?

  24. I would start off building around eso flurry for now since prices for deathblow accessories are pretty high. Eso flurry is still a viable spec and you can switch to deathblow when you feel like you are at a decent place gold wise.

  25. My group surprisingly cleared g1 with 1 dying mid fight too. I think it took us about 45 minutes of progging but honestly I feel like we cleared because we didn't see the dice mechanic for that pull.

  26. the amazon shills up early in the morning, hard at work again.

  27. How am I am Amazon shill for saying the blame is on the wrong people wtf? I don't like a lot of the stuff AGS has done for this game, but you have to recognize where the blame should be placed instead of just getting angry for no real reason.

  28. AGS is absolutely terrible in release schedules, marketing, and localization, and maybe other things that I haven't thought of. I can go on a whole rant on the things I think they did poorly in those matters, but calling me a shill simply because I think this situation wasn't solely the decision of AGS is so odd.

  29. karta evergarden #1 go play valorant

  30. I did after I was released from your shit lobby and cleared under 10 minutes :). How long did you guys keep raiding for?

  31. You can try speaking up with a less passive aggressive way. Like asking a question, instead of using assumption that someone is bad.

  32. Genuinely curious, how could I have approached it better? I feel like in almost every scenario I would come out as the "negative guy" from your standpoint because if I ask if someone doesn't know mechs, I'm calling that person out/putting them on the spot thus making the situation uncomfortable regardless. My wording I thought would allow for people to voluntarily come forward (didn't think it was passive aggressive at the time but I suppose it could be)

  33. No because maplestory has effects like increased drop/meso rate on their equips to improve the efficiency of the grindfest it is. The equivalent of being able to sit and grind hours on one map in maplestory would be grinding infinitely on chaos dungeons in lost ark, but the drops of honing crystals are fixed in this game and you would have to constantly select and load into each chaos dungeon level.

  34. So then it would become a 3.6% multiplyer? How does that work?

  35. out of all your engravings if you only have adrenaline as the engraving that gives bonus atk power then the atk% it gives would act as 3.6% multiplier to your overall damage.

  36. Is the 0.6% worth it though? I mean it's also additive instead of multiplicative

  37. Im 1482, eso, 7 gem, almost max tripods, i did 24mil max with support buffs. What is going on

  38. he's using atropine + dark grenades and other than support buffs has good synergies in his groups (gunlancer/deathblade)

  39. You justify his passive aggressive comment like he said nothing bad

  40. wow you really are insecure about your work and its showing through your comments

  41. I haven't had this happen to me and it's quite surprising that this does happen tbh.

  42. Please show me where op mentions him being kicked for another of the SAME build and class

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