1. Judging 5 months of the comment, and 24 days afterwards, I think she found out.

  2. no your power is being cold font, no bones included

  3. I was skateboarding barefoot down a hilly street once as a teen. My back foot slipped off and I dragged it for like 10ft. I still have a big scar where the flesh was peeled off. Hurt like crazy and I still had to wear socks and shoes. I remember peeling my sock off the wound when the bandaids moved while walking. I probably should have had my parents help me tend to it.

  4. "What is a skeleton's favorite snack?"

  5. Luwak coffee, had it in Bali once.

  6. The normals ones always seem to dark, until I tan. They've never been quite right for me.

  7. Smart enough to know the proper answer to the question but dumb enough to try to swipe to the next photo several times.

  8. Clearly the aim was far better than the plan itself. "Was the officer armed?" "Yes, with a small towel, as per instruction".

  9. Furries have mastered vr tech. Haptic body suit, full body tracking, and face tracking are all used in this

  10. Not the same person. The one blow drying the duck doesn’t have a tattoo on his left hand, the one eating it does.

  11. This!!! Dogs are excellent judges of character!

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