1. Nah it seems to be pretty consistent around 5%. Much harder than undergrad.

  2. why tf did you ask this question just to disagree with the people answering?? truly idiotic

  3. not everyone has $20 dollars to waste … (if there is a free way around it)

  4. he just said at the townhall that he will be moving away from flipped classroom due to negative feedback

  5. unless reinmann also changes his grading scheme then nader is still the move, 90% of your grading being 2 exams is terrible

  6. Is Prof. Nader teaching every Spring? I checked the course website and saw he was teaching last Spring.

  7. He didn’t teach ECE M116C (the CSM151B equivalent) last spring, he taught a computer security course in S22. It seems that he will likely teach it again next Fall (he’s taught it twice in the Fall now) so maybe wait if you can!

  8. I got these earplugs from amazon for the same reason: the hearos xtreme protection nrr 32

  9. What if u set an alarm? Would it still be loud enough to wake u?

  10. Yes! In fact I just woke up from my alarm with them on. Alarms are typically much higher pitched than other sounds and so their sound is able to get past the earplugs just fine (in that same vein, voices in the same room aren’t blocked super well, but almost all other sounds are)

  11. an elaborate ruse to ensure the laundry machines are free, truly diabolical

  12. let bro hang loose, why you gotta expose him like this 😭

  13. most discussion sections, in my experience, are there to allow overworked graduate students the wondrous opportunity to make up for the professors inability to teach by reteaching the content 🤩

  14. pretty cringe to sit in the line for a free ticket for bruinbash and then turn around and scam other students for money

  15. If ur broke just say that 🥱 You don’t even know anything abt me or why I’m selling it, so respectfully fuck off

  16. ur selling it because you’re a crappy human being, it doesn’t matter the reason why lmao

  17. If you fill out the budget increase form, they’d just pay for your laptop? Are there any other requirements? Because I’ve been holding on to the same crappy laptop since 2016 and would love to get a new one lmao

  18. In my case i called and they gave me a certain limit of how much i could spend that they would reimburse. The amount of reimbursement is different for everyone so I'd recommend calling about it first to the financial aid office

  19. lmao are you even old enough to use Reddit

  20. I think this is the only opt-out fee unfortunately :(

  21. I’ve taken all of those classes and the content wasn’t conceptually difficult to understand, rather remembering all of the different topics and being able to apply them effectively was the trouble (esp in 131 and 111). Not to say the classes weren’t difficult, but thats not what i was asking about :)

  22. name and shame them, they fully deserve to feel even a modicum of the pain / anxiety they caused you (even if a random reddit post doesn’t really affect them)

  23. I had something similar happen so i called AHP directly with the number listed on the website and basically they said “wow idk why you haven’t been approved yet” and they reran it through the system and it got approved. I’d highly recommend directly calling AHP rather than Ashe. I had also submitted it weeks ago and it was also the same documents i submitted last year, so idk why I wasn’t approved and they didn’t either, which is pretty stupid

  24. thank you!! i contacted AHP and they basically said the same thing to me and i just got it approved :-)

  25. awesome, im glad it worked out! I have no idea wtf they’re doing over there, can’t believe that if we hadn’t called we woulda just been charged 1k for their stupid system

  26. If you have some friends / roommates who would be down, you could sign up for the Ralphs

  27. why does this require name + email address? make it optional and you’ll get more responses tbh

  28. Fuck outta here bro. Concentrate on yourself and don't tell other people what to do

  29. Ah the classic statement of the new age mentally ill imbeciles who think suggestions that are meant to help people are personal attacks on their freedom.

  30. I took 122 with Eleazar Eskin, and the class was basically string leetcode type algos. Its all about genome assembly and dealing with indels and other alterations and how you reconstruct the genome algorithmically. IMO, it wasn’t very interesting and if you are interested in comp bio, it won’t be that interesting to you. If you are interested in traditional Bioinformatics, it might be

  31. Ive heard about this $1 bus ride but was too nervous to do so in the past because I didn’t want to get lost, thanks for making it so clear!

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