1. Do some research on psychedelics and see if it speaks to you, then seek a place or clinical trial where legal. We’ve come a long way since Vietnam War protests and Tim Leary being public enemy #1. No need to suffer like this.

  2. I've done some psychedelics on the side and I enjoyed how it altered and helped me see things differently but that was a few years ago before that started to become a thing of therapy. I know alot of vets who micro dose. I don't think it's available in my area but I'll look it up!

  3. Have patience. Lots of Vets been fighting for years. You aren't the only one with issues.

  4. TBI and PTSD are similar and MH they often are combined you will be rated on the higher of the two. So no they are not screwing you, this is correct.

  5. Well I have an extensive history of suicidal thoughts through the va with records which I've recently found out is a big component for mental health yet they have me at...I'll post once I figure it out

  6. Not if the TBI caused PTSD. Request the DBQ from exam

  7. I'm rated 50% for tbi with ptsd connected to it I'm guessing as a secondary and I have years of MH sessions of suicidal ideations and yet got denied for an increase.

  8. I've had issues with a strange cough when using vaporizers too much for flower. Just take a break try different methods keep it inconsistent.

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