1. I love watching Godard movies but Bergman makes movies that move me just on a deeper level.

  2. I would love burning, also (though its an American Film) minari would be amazing.

  3. Minari is great too. I wouldn’t mind it at all.

  4. Hmm better off with the boxset then. 1080 resolution is very good!

  5. On criterions with a 4k transfer they look good but on 2k and hd transfers it looks wonky.

  6. I love his work, have seen all of his directed features. I'm looking forward to ‘La nuit où Laurier Gaudreault s'est réveillé’ . His early work received a lot of favorable critical recognition but his last three or four films haven't been received well so I don't know about him streaming on the channel but I definitely think they are all channel worthy.

  7. I killed my mother, hearbeats, and mommy are the only ones I've seen and i love them all.

  8. Isn’t Taxi Driver already in the collection?

  9. Yeah but its not counted anymore. If they did citizen kane would be still spine number 1.

  10. I love wall e but I also don't think it should be in the collection cause I think the purpose of the collection should be preserved. Even their collaborations with Netflix and Amazon are more about giving a physical release to a movie that if the service goes down people can still watch them. Wall e already has a 4k and physical release so I think it's more Disney trying to court cinephiles. That being said I'm buying it for my sister.

  11. Personal shopper is one of my favs of the 10s Stewarts performance is heartbreaking and Anders Danielsen Lie being there all sexy like.

  12. It’s gonna be hard to top Arrow’s 4K

  13. I just read its coming to nyff which is exciting cause Im already going there.

  14. I just sent this to my ex and told him to watch come and see its just like 1917 which he loves.

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