1. If People at work criticise you for glowing up you know whatever you’re doing is working! Haha

  2. Finance. I do taxes and accounting and you earn a lot with that in my country. In my country you can study at college „for a company“ and get the job right after graduating. While studying I made 1.200€ a month. (Keep in mind I was 18, had no experience in that job) Now my starting wage is 2.000€ but you can get up to 10.000€ easily. So yeah I don’t feel limited while looksmaxxing.

  3. I think she looked better some years ago when her hair was more blonde like in picture 7. Her coloring isn’t being complimented by her color choices in styling

  4. I am Dramatic and I look good with sweaters like in the second picture with leggings in the same color and shoes in fitting as well - basically keeping the vertical.

  5. Honestly I like to watch videos of people that know alot about leather and the quality of it and from what I could gather coach has great quality bags.

  6. Tristan - 9 Logan and dean - 8 or 8.5 (Logan has great charisma, I have to take that into consideration - also looking at the actors and how they aged = great bonestructure. They look amazing) Jess - at least 6, so I’d say 6.75-7 or something. Looking at the actor and how he aged, I think that’s a good rating

  7. Get a different haircut - you don’t really benefit from the bangs. I can send you some pictures of hairstyles I would prefer on you if you want.

  8. I mean she’s a 9-10 yes but she looks like any other girl on Instagram. Do they all go to the same surgeon? I am getting tired of seeing girls all trying to look the exact same

  9. It’s their ideal. So they try to fit into it. Watch your calories and work out. That’s literally it. Small bones is genetics.

  10. I will always prefer brown eyes - looks more welcoming. (I don’t have brown eyes myself)

  11. All these ratings make me question the beauty standards in this sub. This girl is in no way average. She is clearly above average. I give her a 7. also I hate the dislike of „chubby faces“ on here, it’s a feminine feature and this girl clearly has a good bone structure as well underneath the fat.

  12. Their foreheads fit their proportions. So it’s not really big. A forehead is „big“ imo when it throws off the proportions…

  13. Todays standards aren’t even real. That’s why Instagram is slowly dying - everyone looks the same and it’s tiring. You see pictures of your favorite insta model - thinking wow I’ll never look as perfect - while this person is editing a whole new face onto themselves. I hate it.

  14. Being fit is good for your health??? Mentally and physically? You will live longer and be able to get up stairs without being out of breath for example. Exercising isn’t only about looks. A great body is a healthy body!

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