1. I did. A picture doesn’t prove anything regarding an improper cure, but I’m trying to help.

  2. You said grassy hay product. That would be pretty easy to see. I did not see the pictures of the buds? I must have missed it.

  3. so your 100% confident your scale is more accurate than the scales they use that gets calibrated by state approved companies?

  4. Are these the same companies who calibrate other things for the state? I don’t trust shit they say or put out. So, yes I would trust my scale more. Ohio cannabis market is a scam ran by big business. It sucks and watching people defend it also sucks.

  5. I just got a 1980s coachmen pathfinder class A RV. How difficult has the renovation been? Did you have to custom make most things? What kind of cost are you possibly looking at?

  6. Tried and true brands: Klutch, Grow Ohio/Butterfly Effect, Firelands Scientific, Entourage

  7. Just moved here from oregon. Any advice on how to get something? Also what cartridge brands are the best. I am noticing that the prices in Ohio are crazy high. Why is that?

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