Disturbance at Lawry's Prime Rib in Beverly Hills

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As many as 8 dead in mass shooting at upstate New York supermarket: Law enforcement source - ABC News

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  1. I am trying to bring awareness to the situation. Hopefully it will gain traction eventually and they’ll do something about RJ. I’m fairly certain they’re all super close friends ( RJ and other decision makers at bloom) I can’t explain why nothing has changed otherwise.

  2. You’re talking someone who was the single mom of her rape baby for several years with no family support while working a real slave wage and going to school for a degree she couldn’t really afford (try $11 an hour on for size, $8 an hour before that and $6.50 before that).

  3. Lol so you’re not only someone who’s experienced the hardship but now you’re someone against fighting the plight of which you experienced? Cool.

  4. A moment in the video that was livestream captures the shooter sparing a white male moments after gunning down 7 people. He can be heads clearly saying “Sorry” to the individual as he moves on to murder 3 more.

  5. My county has very strict laws regarding visible house numbers. This is a very rural area where gps is generally useless. Emergency services is constantly showing up late to 911 calls because they cant find peoples houses. The survivors end up suing the ambulance company and the city/county. So there's a minimum $500 fine if your house number isn't visible under both day and night conditions, and if the address itself isn't in some sort of easily recognized pattern that would allow drivers to count their way to you from another house. The fine multiplies with repeat offenses.

  6. If I get a trash customer, I do nothing different from a regular delivery.

  7. I don’t go out of my way to do anything differently but if it’s more convenient for me to do it and it falls within the guidelines of my job description I’ll be electing to do that over anything for the customer

  8. Paper towels probably 12 Tooth brush name Brand - 8 Tooth paste 5 Bacon 5 Cream cheese 4 Bagels 5

  9. I was able to get a bunch of these once. Great effect and amazing price point. Hope they scale up production

  10. Customer service is great. Providing customer service is rewarding. Trying to achieve this in the food service industry is impossible. I speak from 15 years of experience. You’re never going to achieve that extra dollar consistently and you’re better off not selling your self for an extra tip here and there. Do you job. Go home.

  11. The only trend I’ve seen is sometimes people tip well and other times they tip terrible.

  12. dont block the number its a default spoof number you use it more than once

  13. Good. My job is to deliver food to the specified location and follow the directions of the application. Anything beyond that is a customer request and I choose not to provide that level of customer service.

  14. And I bet you bitch when you don’t get tipped

  15. That sort of thing is never implemented to help you. If anything, it was to help DD understand why drivers decline orders. They removed the reasons from my app weeks ago - I now have to decline, then confirm. I thought they had rolled that out to everyone by now.

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